1st Edition

Sir Halley Stewart Trust: Publications 10 Volume Set

    2370 Pages
    by Routledge

    The Sir Halley Stewart Trust was founded in 1924 for research towards the Christian ideal in all social life. The objects of the Trust were in general: to advance religion; to advance education; to relieve poverty; to promote other Charitable purposes beneficial to the community.

    They assisted publications exclusively connected to objects of the Trust. This 10-volume collection originally published between 1933 and 1968 forms a selection of those publications. Titles cover subjects such as religion, social welfare and criminology, as well as a title written by Alexander Stewart, father of Sir Halley Stewart, and a biography of the man himself.

    Still going today the Sir Halley Stewart Trust is a grant-giving charity that supports innovative and pioneering Social, Medical and Religious projects, to enable human flourishing and to prevent suffering.

    1. The Heart of the Bible (Volume One): The Literature of the Hebrew People Jeannie B. Thomson Davies (1933) ISBN 978-1-032-88718-0

    2. The Heart of the Bible (Volume Two): The Literature of the Jewish People Jeannie B. Thomson Davies (1933) ISBN 978-1-032-88726-5

    3. The Heart of the Bible (Volume Three): The Literature of the New Testament Jeannie B. Thomson Davies (1933) ISBN 978-1-032-88735-7

    4. The Life of Alexander Stewart: Prisoner of Napoleon and Preacher of the Gospel Alexander Stewart & Albert Peel (1948) ISBN 978-1-032-88206-2

    5. Between God and History: The Human Situation Exemplified in Quaker Thought and Practice Richard K. Ullman (1959) ISBN 978-1-032-88214-7

    6. The Spiritual Crisis of the Scientific Age G. D. Yarnold (1959) ISBN 978-1-032-88535-3

    7. The Unmarried Mother and Her Child Virginia Wimperis, Clifford Witting (Ed.) (1960) ISBN 978-1-032-80660-0

    8. Delinquency and Child Neglect Harriett Wilson (1965) ISBN 978-1-032-80488-0

    9. They All Come Out G. M. F. Bishop (1965) ISBN 978-1-032-88633-6

    10. Sir Halley Stewart: Preacher, Politician, Businessman, Benefactor, Founder of the Sir Halley Stewart Trust David Newton (1968) ISBN 978-1-032-88643-5