1st Edition

Six Sigma and Beyond
Statistical Process Control, Volume IV

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ISBN 9781574443134
Published September 25, 2002 by CRC Press
520 Pages 211 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

In this volume of the Six Sigma and Beyond series, quality engineering expert D.H. Stamatis focuses on how Statistical Process Control (SPC) relates to Six Sigma. He emphasizes the "why we do" and "how to do" SPC in many different environments. The book provides readers with an overview of SPC in easy-to-follow, easy-to-understand terms. The author reviews and explains traditional SPC tools and how they relate to Six Sigma and goes on to cover the use of advanced techniques. In addition, he addresses issues that concern service SPC and short run processes, explores the issue of capability for both the short run and the long run, and discusses topics in measurement.

Table of Contents

What is statistical process control (SPC)?
The need for improvement
How to effectively direct the SPC effort?
What is ideal process control?
How to pull it off
Problem solving techniques
Team concept
Tools and techniques
Problem solving difficulties
Selected bibliography
Summarizing dada
Summarizing data
Graphical presentation
Selected bibliography
Descriptive statistics
Measures of central tendencies
Measures of dispersion
Normal distribution
Characteristics of the normal distribution
Standardized values(Z)
Underlying distribution analysis
Methods of testing for underlying distributions
Process variation and control charts
Common variation
Special variation
Process control and process capability
Parts of control chart
Control chart goals
The relationship of variation to mean to normal distribution and to control chart
Selected bibliography
Preparing for control charts
The data orientation
Sampling consideration
The frequency of the sample
Control charts - preliminary issues
Overview of control chart development
Control chart form
Selected bibliography
Variable Charts
Xbar and R chart
X and MR chart
Xbar and s chart
Control chart with slopping center line
CuSum chart
Selected bibliography
Attribute charts
p chart
np chart
c chart
u chart
The weighted number of defects (D) chart
Selected bibliography
Other charts
Median chart
Standardized charts for attribute data
Difference control chart
The lot plot method
Modified control charts
Tool wear and trend analysis
Control charts based on weighted average
Miscellaneous control charts
Methods for controlling several related quality characteristics
Statistical alternatives to control charts
Evolutionary operation
Control chart signals
Common variation
Special variation
Out of control points
The runs test
Control charts and hypothesis testing
Other out of control indications
Statistical analysis of control conditions
Statistical analysis of runs
Statistical analysis of trends
Selected bibliography
Capability analysis
Process and machine capability
Steps for studying process capability
Interpreting capability results
Capability indices
Motorola's 6 sigma
Comments on traditional and 6 sigma capability
Selected bibliography
Short run SPC
Definition of short run
Coded data
Target values
Sampling considerations
Short run variable charts
Short Run Attribute control charts
Interpretation of short run charts
Recalculating targets, not control limits
Recalculating target values
Measuring capability
Selected bibliography
Distribution shape and stability
Capability analysis and non normal distribution
Trending processes and control charts
Trending processes and capability
Selected bibliography
Measurement system analysis
Measurement error vocabulary and concepts
Basic measurement error analysis (MEA)
Control charts measurement stability
Measurement error analysis and advanced statistical methods
Load the computer software
Selected bibliography
Machine acceptance
Phase I: Preliminary investigating machine warm-up and supplier's previous studies
Phase I example
Phase II: Preliminary study investigating process stability and capability description
Phase II example
Phase III: Recommended yes/no acceptance. A study predicting long term capability
Phase IIII example
Final step
Using the computer. A full description of how to use MINITAB and SPC with machine acceptance type data
Typical Phase II computer session
Selected bibliography
SPC for non manufacturing
Criteria for success
Reaction versus Planning
Implementation strategy
Process improvement
Selected bibliography
Appendix A: General Statistics
How do you compute average
Control limits for Xbar and Rcharts
Control limits for p charts
Common SPC formulae
Formulae for calculating control chart limits
Control chart construction guide - variable data
Control chart construction guide - attribute data
Testing for normality and exponentiality
Appendix B: Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)
Appendix C: Deming's Management Principles
Appendix D. Quality needs and overall strategic plan
Appendix E. Statistical tables
Appendix F. Forms
Flow process chart
Variable control chart form
Attribute control chart form
Control chart - process log sheet
Data collection sheet for capability analysis
Capability analysis sheet
Capability analysis - normal distribution
Capability analysis - skew distribution

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