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Sixth International Conference on Cognitive Modeling ICCM - 2004

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    The International Conference on Cognitive Modeling brings together researchers who develop computational models to explain and predict cognitive data. The core theme of the 2004 conference was "Integrating Computational Models," encompassing an integration of diverse data through models of coherent phenomena; integration across modeling approaches; and integration of teaching and modeling. This text presents the proceedings of that conference.
    The International Conference on Cognitive Modeling 2004 sought to grow the discipline of computational cognitive modeling by providing a sophisticated modeling audience for cutting-edge researchers, in addition to offering a forum for integrating insights across alternative modeling approaches in both basic research and applied settings, and a venue for planning the future growth of the discipline. The meeting included a careful peer-review process of 6-page paper submissions; poster-abstracts to include late-breaking work in the area; prizes for best papers; a doctoral consortium; and competitive modeling symposia that compare and contrast different approaches to the same phenomena.

    About ICCM-2004 -- Organizing Committee -- Program Committee -- Sponsors Invited Addresses -- Kenneth D. Forbus -- Michael C. Mozer -- Allen Newell Award for Best Student Paper -- Deciding When to Switch Tasks in Time-Critical Multitasking/Yelena Kushleyeva Dario D. Salvucci Frank J. Lee -- Surface and Phonological -- Dyslexia: Modes of Processing Instead of Components of Processing/Daragh E. Sibley Christopher T. Kello -- Siegel-Wolf Award for Best Applied Paper -- Automated GOMS-to-ACT-R Model Generation/Robert St. Amant Frank E. Ritter -- Symposia -- Competitive Modeling Symposium: PokerBot World Series/Christian Lebiere Dan Bothell -- Models of Eye-Movement Control During Reading/Erik D. Reichle Ronan Reilly Eike M. Richter Shun-Nan Yang -- Presented Papers -- Streak Biases in Decision Making: Data and a Memory Model/Erik M. Altmann Bruce D. Bums -- OPTIMIST: A New Conflict Resolution Algorithm for ACT-R/Roman V. Belavkin Frank E. Ritter -- Good Enough But I’ll Just Check: Web-page Search as Attentional Refocusing/Duncan P. Brumby Andrew Howes -- Routine Procedural Isomorphs and Cognitive Control Structures/Michael D. Byrne David Maurier Chris S. Fick Philip H. Chung -- Why Soccer Players Yell: Using RoboCup to Model the Advantage of Signaling/Sanjay Chandrasekharan Babak Esfandiari Neal Arthome -- A Connectionist Model of the Attentional Blink Effect During a Rapid Serial Visual Presentation Task/Sylvain Chartier Denis Cousineau Dominic Charbonneau -- A Model of Human Behavior in Coalition Formation Games/Alex K. Chavez Steven O. Kimbrough -- Fast Fitting of Convolutions Using Rational Approximations/Denis Cousineau -- A Rational Model of the Effect of Information Scent on the Exploration of Menus/Anna L. Cox Richard M. Young -- Properties of the Decision Environment and Display Organization in Choice/Fabio Del Missier -- Resolving Ambiguities in the Extraction of Syntactic Categories through Chunking/Daniel Freudenthal Julian Pine Fernand Gobet -- Learning From Real-Time Over-The Shoulder Instructions in a Dynamic Task Wai-Tat Fu Daniel Bothell Scott Douglass/Craig Haimson Myeong-Ho Sohn John Anderson -- Memory, Emotion, and Rationality: An ACT-R interpretation for Gambling Task results Danilo Fum/Andrea Stocco -- Learning to Choose the Most Effective Strategy: Explorations in Expected Value/Wayne D. Gray Michael J. Schoelles Chris R. Sims -- Beyond Cognition: Modeling Emotion in Cognitive Architectures/Eva Hudlicka -- Explaining Eye Movements in the Visual Search of Varying Density Layouts/Tim Halverson Anthony J. Homof -- Integrating Models and Tools in the Context of Driving and Invehicle Devices Bonnie E. John Dario D. Salvucci Peter Centgraf Konstantine Prevas -- A Preliminary Model of Pronoun/Verb Co-occurrences in Child-Directed Speech/Aarre Laakso Linda B. Smith -- Comparing Agent-Based Learning Models of Land-Use Decision Making/Tei Laine Jerome Busemeyer -- A Constraint-Based Approach to Understanding the Composition of Skill/Richard L. Lewis Alonso Vera Andrew Howes -- A Queuing Network Model for Eye Movement/Ji Hyoun Lim Yili Liu -- Combining Learning Approaches for Incremental On-line Parsing/Deryle Lonsdale Michael Manookin -- Abductive Proofs as Models of Students’ Reasoning about Qualitative Physics/Maxim Makatchev Pamela W. Jordan Umarani Pappuswamy Kurt VanLehn -- Toward a Comprehensive Computational Model of Emotions and Feelings/Robert P. Marinier III John E. Laird -- Learning to Make Decisions in Dynamic Environments: ACT-R Plays the Beer Game/Michael K. Martin Cleotilde Gonzalez Christian Lebiere -- Anticipatory Eye Movements in Interleaving Templates of Human Behavior/Michael Matessa -- Exploratory Approach for Modeling Human Category Learning/Toshihiko Matsuka -- Modeling Category Learning with Stochastic Optimization Methods/Toshihiko Matsuka James E. Corter -- A Computational Analysis Model for Complex Open-ended Analogical Retrieval/Junya Morita Kazuhisa Miwa -- Soar-RL: Integrating Reinforcement Learning with Soar/Shelley Nason John E. Laird -- Towards a Theory of Balancing Exploration and Exploitation in Probabilistic Environments/Stefani Nellen Marsha C. Lovett -- A Cognitive Model of Episodic Memory Integrated With a General Cognitive Architecture/Andrew Nuxoll John E. Laird -- Comprehensive Working Memory Activation in Soar Andrew Nuxoll/John E. Laird Michael R. James -- Modelling Performance in the Sustained Attention to Response Task/David Pebbles Daniel Bothell -- A Pandemonium Can Have Goals/Giovanni Pezzulo Gianguglielmo Calvi -- PsychSim: Agent-based modeling of social interactions and influence/David V. Pynadath Stacy C. Marsella Stephen J. Read -- Letter Spirit: A Model of Visual Creativity/John Rehling Douglas R. Hofstadter -- Cognitive modeling versus game theory: Why cognition matters/Matthew F. Rutledge-Taylor Robert L. West -- Dimension-Wide vs. Exemplar-Specific Attention in Category Learning and Recognition/Yasuaki Sakamoto Toshihiko Matsuka Bradley C. Love -- Toward and ACT-R General Executive for Human Multitasking/Dario D. Salvucci Yelena Kushleyeva Frank J. Lee -- A computational account of latency impairments in problem solving by Parkinson’s patients/Patrick Simen Thad Polk Rick Lewis Eric Freedman -- Episodic versus Semantic Memory: An Exploration of Models of Memory Decay in the Serial Attention Paradigm/Chris R. Sims Wayne D. Gray -- Simple Agents Learning to Add Useful Structures to the World/Terry Stewart Sanjay Chandrasekharan -- A Dynamic, Multi-Agent Model of Peer Group Formation/Terrence C. Stewart Robert L. West Robert Coplan -- Time Perception: Beyond Simple Interval Estimation/Niels Taatgen Hedderik van Rijn John Anderson -- Categorical Data Displays Generated from Three Architectures Illustrate Their Behavior/Kevin Tor Steven R. Haynes Frank E. Ritter Mark A. Cohen -- Using a Genetic Algorithm to Optimize the Fit of Cognitive Models/Kevin Tor Frank E. Ritter -- Modeling Behavioral and Brain Imaging Phenomena in Transcription Typing with Queuing Networks and Reinforcement Learning Algorithms/Changxu Wu Yili Liu -- Modeling Psychological Refractory Period (PRP) and Practice Effect on PRP with Queuing Networks and Reinforcement Learning Algorithms/Changxu Wu Yili Liu -- Vergence Control in Fixation with Minimal Disparity Information/Weilie Yi Dana H. Ballard -- The Data Learning Problem Arises also in Cognitive Architectures other than Soar/Richard M. Young -- Poster Abstracts -- ADAPT: A Cognitive Architecture for Robotics/D. Paul Benjamin Damian Lyons Deryle Londsdale -- Transition of Aesthetic Emotions in Interactive Environments/Ana Constantinescu Naoko Matsumoto Daisuke Moriyasu Hajime Murai Akifumi Tokosumi -- LSDNet: A Neural Network for Multisensory Perception/Matthew C. Costello Eric D. Reichle -- Constraint-Based Human Causal Learning/David Danks -- Should successful agents have Emotions? The role of emotions in problem solving/Dietrich Domer Ulrike Starker -- A New Framework for Cognitive/Perceptual Problems/James L. Eilbert Tom Santarelli David M. Carmody -- A Recursive Attention-Perception Chaotic Attractor Model of Cognitive Multistability/Norbert Fiirstenau -- Ontological Aspects of Computing Analogies/Helmar Gust Kai-Uwe Kiihnberger Ute Schmid -- Applying Fuzzy Logic to Neural Modeling/Sebastien Helie Sylvain Chartier Robert Proulx -- A Cognitive Model for Spatial Perspective Taking/Laura M. Hiatt J. Gregory Trafton Anthony Harrison Alan C. Schultz -- Changes in Youth’s Authority Concept After a Group Accommodative Event/Shinya Iida Hiroyuki Iida -- A Memory-Based Learning Model of Dutch Plural Inflection/Emmanuel Keuleers Dominiek Sandra -- A Cognitive/Affective Model of Strategic Behavior -2- Person Repeated Prisoner’s Dilemma game/Sung-youn Kim Charles Taber -- A Computational Model of Voter-The Dynamics of Political Candidate Evaluation/Sung-youn Kim Milton Lodge Charles Taber -- New Contribution To Adaptive Temporal Radial Basis Function Applied on TIMIT Corpus/Mesbahi Larbi Benyettou Abdel kader -- Bilingual Language Learning in Connectionist Networks/Jing Liang -- Emulating a Visuospatial Memory Field Using ACT-R/Don R. Lyon Glenn Gunzelmann Kevi


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