1st Edition

Slavery In South Africa Captive Labor On The Dutch Frontier

By Elizabeth Eldredge, Fred Morton Copyright 1995
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    by Routledge

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    by Routledge

    South African slavery differs from slavery practiced in other frontier zones of European settlement in that the settlers enslaved indigenes as a supplement to and eventually as a replacement for imported slave labor. On the expanding frontier, Dutch-speaking farmers increasingly met their labor needs by conducting slave raids, arming African slave

    Terms and Designations -- Slavery and South African Historiography -- The Tower of Babel: The Slave Trade and Creolization at the Cape, 1652–1834 -- Drosters of the Bokkeveld and the Roggeveld, 1770-18001 -- Fortunate Slaves and Artful Masters: Labor Relations in the Rural Cape Colony During the Era of Emancipation, ca. 1825 to 18381 -- Slave Raiding Across the Cape Frontier -- Delagoa Bay and the Hinterland in the Early Nineteenth Century: Politics, Trade, Slaves, and Slave Raiding -- Captive Labor in the Western Transvaal After the Sand River Convention1 -- "Black Ivory": The Indenture System and Slavery in Zoutpansberg, 1848–18691 -- Servitude, Slave Trading, and Slavery in the Kalahari -- Slavery in South Africa


    Elizabeth A Eldredge Michigan State University