1st Edition

Slavic Witches and Social Media

By Marta R. Jabłońska Copyright 2024

    Slavic Witches and Social Media examines the role of social media in the spiritual practices of modern Slavic witches and draws a comparative analysis between contemporary neopaganism and Catholicism in Poland.

    This volume presents a fresh and comprehensive examination of Slavic witches within the context of the growing popularity of neopagan religions and the integration of social media in religious practices. It delves into contemporary witchcraft in Poland, including the prominent Wicca tradition, native Slavic beliefs with their diverse pantheon of deities, extensive demonology, and profound respect for nature, as well as individual, eclectic paths. Through a digital religion study, this book investigates how neopagans and Catholics incorporate social media into their spiritual journeys. Its vivid portrait of a Slavic witch provides a deeper understanding of their beliefs, practices, and engagement with social media platforms.

    This book is dedicated to scholars in the field of religious sociology, digital religion, and ethnography with a deep fascination for exploring folk magic and Slavic traditions and their adaptation to the emerging digital landscape. It is an insightful resource for researchers in theology, communication, and new media, as well as for all researchers and individuals who share an interest in the captivating realm of contemporary witches and witchcraft.

    1. Introduction  2. Religion and the New Media  3. Religiosity in Contemporary Times  4. How to Spot a Witch? The Spirituality of Modern Slavic Witches  5. The Witch is Posting: Social Media in Contemporary Witchcraft  6. So, Who Is She? Portrait of a Slavic Witch  7. Conclusions


    Marta R. Jabłońska is Assistant Professor at the University of Łódź, Poland, Faculty of Economics and Sociology, specializing in sociology, cyberpsychology, digital religion, and AI.