1st Edition

Small Animal Neurological Emergencies

By Simon Platt, Laurent Garosi Copyright 2012
    672 Pages 430 Color Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This new book deals systematically with the assessment and treatment of small animal neurological patients in light of latest research findings and greatly improved imaging techniques.

    The authors first discuss step-wise neurological and systemic approaches to common emergency cases—examination, critical care and rapid assessment—based on presenting signs. They then deal in depth with the pathophysiology, treatment options and likely prognoses of each of the more common types of neurological emergency, be it vascular accident, infection, trauma, seizure, acute disease or neoplasia. Detailed support techniques and therapies are provided on emergency anaesthesia, pain management, fluid therapy, post-operative care and physical rehabilitation.

    The book will appeal to small animal practitioners, specialists, residents, course directors and students interested in neurology, emergency medicine and critical care, internal medicine, imaging and pathology.

    Admission and Neurodiagnostic Tests
    Examining the neurological emergency
    Laurent Garosi
    Respiratory and cardiovascular support in the neurological patient
    Anthea Raisis and Gabrielle Musk

    Metabolic evaluation of critically ill neurological patients
    Louise Clark

    Imaging of neurological emergencies
    Fraser McConnell

    Cerebrospinal fluid analysis
    Amy Wood, Laurent Garosi and Simon Platt

    Decision Making
    Obtundation, stupor and coma
    Peter Dickinson

    Simon Platt

    Exercise-associated weakness and collapse
    Arianna Negrin and Simon Platt

    John Levine

    Paresis and paralysis
    Jay McDonnell

    Spinal pain
    Ronaldo da Costa

    Acute blindness
    Peter Nghiem and Scott Schatzberg

    Tremors and involuntary movements
    Marc Kent

    Head tilt and nystagmus
    Laurent Garosi

    Acute disorders of the head and face
    Lara Matiasek and Alberta de Stefani

    Monoparesis and neurological causes of lameness
    Toby Gemmill and Malcolm McKee

    Specific Emergencies—Diagnosis and Treatment
    Cerebrovascular accidents
    Laurent Garosi

    Ischaemic myelopathy
    Luisa de Risio

    Infectious and inflammatory diseases of the central nervous system
    Scott Schatzberg and Peter Nghiem

    Head trauma
    Courtenay Freeman and Simon Platt

    Spinal trauma
    Natasha Olby

    Acute disc disease
    Joan Coates

    Status epilepticus
    Allison Haley and Simon Platt

    Myasthenia gravis
    Kerry Bailey

    Tetanus and botulism
    Jacques Penderis

    Intracranial neoplasia and secondary pathological effects
    John Rossmeisl and Theresa Pancotto

    Metabolic encephalopathies
    Kate Chandler and Robert Goggs

    Neurological toxicities
    Jennifer Pittman, Benjamin Brainard and Katrin Swindells

    Specific Management Issues
    Emergency neuroanaesthesia
    Anthea Raisis and Gabrielle Musk

    Analgesia for patients with neurological disease
    Gabrielle Musk and Anthea Raisis

    Fluid therapy
    Anthea Raisis and Katrin Swindells

    Postoperative and supportive care and physical rehabilitation
    Sebastien Behr and Rebecca Green

    Further reading
    Drug dosages for the emergency patient
    Amy Wood, Simon Platt and Laurent Garosi

    Units and reference ranges
    Simon Platt and Laurent Garosi

    Blood transfusion sheet
    Simon Platt and Laurent Garosi


    Simon Platt, Laurent Garosi

    ... chock full of helpful images, diagrams, tables of differentials, and numerous decision-making flowcharts, all of which help to clarify what is being discussed. The list of abbreviations in the beginning is also very helpful...a valuable tool that most veterinarians will find extremely useful and should have in their clinic library...readable and easy to understand...I would highly recommend this to my peers
    —Donna Jacobsen, DVM, Doody's Review Service, March 2013

    The scope is much wider than just emergency presentation and treatment. The contributors are specialists in neurology, surgery, anaesthesia, and emergency and critical care from the United Kingdom, United States, Europe and Australia. … The inclusion of so much information makes this book a very good reference for any clinician (from students to medical and surgical specialists) to gain a better understanding of neurological diseases, their diagnosis, treatment and prognosis using a systematic approach. The illustrations, including diagrams, clinical cases, imaging and pathology, are excellent.
    Australian Veterinary Journal, Volume 91, No 5, May 2013

    Small Animal Neurological Emergencies’ can guide you though this minefield of a subject...clearly written, with plenty of colour photographs and diagrams to illustrate concepts, equipment and techniques...comprehensive...good background reading for anybody dealing with these cases on a regular basis...clear and well written and provides readers with up-to-date and detailed information.
    —Lindsay Kellett-Gregory, Veterinary Record, September 2012

    …a very comprehensive book covering all aspects of neurological emergencies in incredible detail… a real step-by-step approach… detailed practical help… provide[s] a logical diagnostic approach… very detailed explanations, diagnostic approaches and treatment options… an incredibly detailed and accessible book covering every aspect of neurological emergencies… beautifully laid out with coloured photographs, schematic diagrams, example x-rays and MRis in abundance… I feel that anybody, whether in referral or general practice, who sees neurological cases even on a rare occasion will find this book both invaluable and interesting.
    —Sharon Cole, Veterinary Practice, October 2012