1st Edition

Small Arms and Security New Emerging International Norms

By Denise Garcia Copyright 2006
    292 Pages
    by Routledge

    304 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book examines the emergence of new international norms to govern the spread of small arms, and the extent to which these norms have been established in the policies and practices of states, regions and international organizations. It also attempts to establish criteria for assessing norm emergence, and to assess the process of norm development by comparing what actually happens at the multilateral level.

    If norm-making on small arms and related multilateral negotiations have mostly dealt with ‘illicit arms’, and most of the norms examined here fall on the arms supplier side of the arms equation, the author argues that the creation of international norms and the setting of widely agreed standards amongst states on all aspects of the demand for, availability, and spread of both legal and illegal small arms and light weapons must become central to the multilateral coordination of policy responses in order to tackle the growing violence associated with small arms availability.

    Small Arms and Security will be of interest to researchers and professionals in the fields of peace and conflict studies, global governance, international security and disarmament.

    Foreword by Robert Rotberg  Preface: The Rise of Small Arms into the International Agenda: A Debate in the Context of Global Governance and Human Security  Acknowledgements  Abbreviations and Acronyms  Section I: Small Arms, Norms and the International Agenda  1. Norms in International Relations: The Case of Small Arms  2. Norm Building Processes in the Evolution of the Small Arms Question in the International Agenda  Section II: Leading International Emerging Norms  3. The Destruction and Disposal of Surplus Weapons  4. Regulating Illicit Arms Brokering  5. Marking, Tracing and Record Keeping  Section III: Failed or Weaker International Emerging Norms  6. Creating a Norm of Transparency in Small Arms Transfers  7. Regulating Civilian Gun Ownership  8. Banning the Sale of Weapons to Non-State Actors  Section IV: Findings and Conclusions  9. The Making of International Norms  Annex I: Activism and Norm Building: "Pro" and "Anti" Gun NGOs  Select Bibliography  Index


    Denise Garcia