1st Edition

Smallscale Processing And Storage Of Tropical Root Crops

By Donald Plucknett Copyright 1979
    484 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    Tropical root crops—basic staples for millions of people—are highly perishable, and tremendous losses occur after harvest because of the lack of storage and processing technology. This book is the first to fully describe small-scale processing and storage methods for these root crops, particularly taro, sweet potato, and yams. The authors emphasize methods of handling and preserving the crops that require little in the way of energy or technology, and they discuss traditional methods of storage and processing in Africa, Asia, and the Pacific. They also describe small machines suitable for processing and highlight examples of higher-level technology. The book is a milestone in the search for ways to appropriately modernize traditional agriculture and food systems.

    Also in this Series -- Preface -- An Overview: Systems Approach to Root Crop Research -- Synthesis Reports of International Working Groups -- Working Group Report: Handling and Storage -- Working Group Report: Processing Techniques and Products -- Working Group Report: Economic Analysis of Tropical Root Crop Products -- Processing and Storage in Selected Countries -- Storage and Processing of Root Crops in the South Pacific -- Handling, Storage, and Processing of Root Crops in Fiji -- Processing and Storage of Root Crops in Papua New Guinea -- Processing and Storage of Sweet Potato and Aroids in the Philippines -- Storage and Processing of Some Nigerian Root Crops -- The Technical and Social Problems of Taro Processing and Storage in Nigeria -- Processing and Storage of Yam in Nigeria -- Storage and Processing of Taro in the People’s Republic of China -- Post-Harvest Handling and Storage -- Storage Problems in Aroids and Sweet Potato in India -- The Use of Fungicides against Post-Harvest Decay in Stored Taro in the Solomon Islands -- Importing Root Crops from the South Pacific Islands for New Zealand Markets -- The Potential for Genetic Improvement in Storage Quality of Root Crops -- Effect of Storage on Paddy Taro Production System Efficiency -- Processing Techniques and Products -- The Processing of Yams -- Processing and Storage of Taro Products -- Processing of Taro into Dehydrated, Stable Intermediate Products -- Starch and Flour from Taro -- Processing of Root Crop Products, Especially Taro and Cassava, in Western Samoa -- Drum-Dried Pineapple-Taro and Mango-Taro Flakes -- Non-food Applications of Starch, Especially Potential Uses of Taro -- Processing of Root Crops in India -- Mechanical Devices for Peeling Cassava Roots -- Cassava Chips Processing and Drying: A Cassava Chipping Machine -- The Role of Women in Cassava Processing in Nigeria -- Economic Analysis of Tropical Root Crops -- Taro Processing in Hawaii: An Economic and Historical Perspective -- The Implications of Cassava Processing and Marketing for Other Root Crops -- Production, Distribution, and Final Uses of Sweet Potato in Taiwan -- Taro Marketing in Hawaii -- The Effects of Transportation and Government Policies on International Trade in Root Crop Products, Especially Cassava


    Donald L. Plucknett, professor of agronomy at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, is currently working for the Board of International Food and Agricultural Development. He was chairman of the National Academy of Sciences Vegetable Farming Systems delegation to the PRC in 1977, and is president of the International Society of Tropical Root Crops.