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Smart 3D/4D Printing

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3D Printed Conducting Polymers Fundamentals, Advances, and Challenges

3D Printed Conducting Polymers: Fundamentals, Advances, and Challenges

1st Edition


Edited By Ram K. Gupta
June 04, 2024

Conducting polymers are smart materials that possess unique and tuneable electrical, optical, and electrochemical properties. 3D printing technology is rapidly advancing and using conducting polymers for this process can lead to many emerging applications as it can print complex structures ...

Smart 3D Nanoprinting Fundamentals, Materials, and Applications

Smart 3D Nanoprinting: Fundamentals, Materials, and Applications

1st Edition

Edited By Ajit Behera, Tuan Anh Nguyen, Ram K. Gupta
August 18, 2022

Examining smart 3D printing at the nanoscale, this book discusses various methods of fabrication, the presence of inherent defects and their annihilation, property analysis, and emerging applications across an array of industries. The book serves to bridge the gap between the concept of ...

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