1st Edition

Smart Autoclave Cure of Composites

    172 Pages
    by CRC Press

    176 Pages
    by CRC Press

    This book describes process models for thermosetting and thermoplastic matrix composites and an expert system applicable to autoclave curing of thermosetting matrix composites. It presents a rule based expert system that can be used for real time control of the autoclave temperature and pressure.

    1. Introduction Part 1: Curing of Thermoplastic Matrix Composites 2. General Considerations of Curing Thermoset Matrix Composites 3. A Model of Autoclave Cure Process 4. An Expert System for the Autoclave Cure Process 5. Verification of SECURE by Computer Simulation 6. Verification of SECURE by Experiment Part 2: Processing Thermoplastics 7. General Considerations for Processing Thermoplastics 8. A Model of Processing Thermoplastics


    Ciriscioli, Peter R.; Springer, George S.