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Smart Engineering Systems: Design and Applications

About the Series

Aimed at senior undergraduate students, graduate students, academic researchers and professionals, the proposed series will focus on the design of smart engineering systems and their diverse applications. The series will cover important topics including organic electronics and applications, smart engineering materials, design and development of VLSI circuit with artificial intelligence techniques, smart and intelligent solutions for energy technologies, and intelligent communications systems and sensor networks.

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Internet of Things Robotic and Drone Technology

Internet of Things: Robotic and Drone Technology

1st Edition


Edited By Nitin Goyal, Sharad Sharma, Arun Kumar Rana, Suman Lata Tripathi
September 29, 2021

This reference text discusses intelligent robotic and drone technology with embedded Internet of Things (IoT) for smart applications. The text discusses future directions of optimization methods with various engineering and science fundamentals used in robotics and drone-based applications. Its ...

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