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Smart Innovation: Multi-Disciplinary Security and Communication Paradigm

About the Series

This series will encompass the topics of knowledge, intelligence, innovation, and sustainability. The aim of the series is to make available a platform for the publication of books on all aspects of single and multi-disciplinary research on these topics in order to make the latest results available in a readily-accessible form. Volumes on interdisciplinary research combining two or more of these areas is particularly sought. The series covers systems and paradigms that employ knowledge and intelligence in a broad sense. Its scope is systems having embedded knowledge and intelligence, which may be applied to the solution of world problems in industry, the environment, and the research community. It also focuses on the knowledge-transfer methodologies and innovation strategies employed to make this happen effectively. The combination of intelligent systems tools and a broad range of applications introduces a need for a synergy of disciplines from space science, war technology, business, and the humanities. The series will include edited collections, monographs, handbooks, reference books, and other relevant types of books in the areas of science and technology where smart systems and technologies can offer innovative solutions.

If you are interested in writing or editing a book for the series or would like more information, please contact Cindy Carelli, [email protected].

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Blockchain Technology Exploring Opportunities, Challenges, and Applications

Blockchain Technology: Exploring Opportunities, Challenges, and Applications

1st Edition

Edited By Sonali Vyas, Vinod Kumar Shukla, Shaurya Gupta, Ajay Prasad
April 13, 2022

This book is for anyone who wants to gain an understanding of Blockchain technology and its potential. The book is research-oriented and covers different verticals of Blockchain technology. It discusses the characteristics and features of Blockchain, includes techniques, challenges, and future ...

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