Smart Sensors for Industrial Applications  book cover
1st Edition

Smart Sensors for Industrial Applications

Edited By

Krzysztof Iniewski

ISBN 9781138077645
Published March 29, 2017 by CRC Press
598 Pages 326 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Sensor technologies are a rapidly growing area of interest in science and product design, embracing developments in electronics, photonics, mechanics, chemistry, and biology. Their presence is widespread in everyday life, where they are used to sense sound, movement, and optical or magnetic signals. The demand for portable and lightweight sensors is relentless in several industries, from consumer electronics to biomedical engineering to the military. Smart Sensors for Industrial Applications brings together the latest research in smart sensors technology and exposes the reader to myriad applications that this technology has enabled.

Organized into five parts, the book explores:

  • Photonics and optoelectronics sensors, including developments in optical fibers, Brillouin detection, and Doppler effect analysis. Chapters also look at key applications such as oxygen detection, directional discrimination, and optical sensing.
  • Infrared and thermal sensors, such as Bragg gratings, thin films, and microbolometers. Contributors also cover temperature measurements in industrial conditions, including sensing inside explosions.
  • Magnetic and inductive sensors, including magnetometers, inductive coupling, and ferro-fluidics. The book also discusses magnetic field and inductive current measurements in various industrial conditions, such as on airplanes.
  • Sound and ultrasound sensors, including underwater acoustic modem, vibrational spectroscopy, and photoacoustics.
  • Piezoresistive, wireless, and electrical sensors, with applications in health monitoring, agrofood, and other industries.

Featuring contributions by experts from around the world, this book offers a comprehensive review of the groundbreaking technologies and the latest applications and trends in the field of smart sensors.

Table of Contents

Part I Photonic and Optoelectronics Sensors
Optical Fiber Sensors: Devices and Techniques, Rogério Nunes Nogueira, Lúcia Maria Botas Bilro, Nélia Jordão Alberto, Hugo Filipe Teixeira Lima, and João de Lemos Pinto
Microstructured and Solid Polymer Optical Fiber Sensors, Christian-Alexander Bunge and Hans Poisel
Optical Fiber Sensors and Interrogation Systems for Interaction Force Measurements in Minimally Invasive Surgical Devices, Ginu Rajan, Dean Callaghan, Yuliya Semenova, and Gerald Farrell
Recent Advances in Distributed Fiber-Optic Sensors Based on the Brillouin Scattering Effect, Alayn Loayssa, Mikel Sagues, and Ander Zornoza
Silicon Microring Sensors, Zhiping Zhou and Huaxiang Yi
Laser Doppler Velocimetry Technology for Integration and Directional Discrimination, Koichi Maru and Yusaku Fujii
Vision-Aided Automated Vibrometry for Remote Audio–Visual Range Sensing, Tao Wang and Zhigang Zhu
Analytical Use of Easily Accessible Optoelectronic Devices: Colorimetric Approaches Focused on Oxygen Quantification, Jinseok Heo and Chang-Soo Kim
Optical Oxygen Sensors for Micro- and Nanofluidic Devices, Volker Nock, Richard J. Blaikie, Tim David, and Maan M. Alkaisi
Multidirectional Optical Sensing Using Differential Triangulation, Xian Jin and Jonathan F. Holzman

Part II Infrared and Thermal Sensors
Measurement of Temperature Distribution in Multilayer Insulations between 77 and 300 K Using Fiber Bragg Grating Sensor, Rajini Kumar Ramalingam and Holger Neumann
Thin Film Resistance Temperature Detectors, Fred Lacy
The Influence of Selected Parameters on Temperature Measurements Using a Thermovision Camera, Mariusz Litwa
Adaptive Sensors for Dynamic Temperature Measurements, Paweł Jamróz and Jerzy Nabielec
Dual-Band Uncooled Infrared Microbolometer, Qi Cheng, Mahmoud Almasri, and Suzanne Paradis
Sensing Temperature inside Explosions, Joseph J. Talghader and Merlin L. Mah

Part III Magnetic and Inductive Sensors
Accurate Scanning of Magnetic Fields, Hendrik Husstedt, Udo Ausserlechner, and Manfred Kaltenbacher
Low-Frequency Search Coil Magnetometers, Asaf Grosz and Eugene Paperno
Inductive Coupling–Based Wireless Sensors for High-Frequency Measurements, H.S. Kim, S. Sivaramakrishnan, A.S. Sezen, and R. Rajamani
Inductive Sensor for Lightning Current Measurement Fitted in Aircraft Windows, A.P.J. van Deursen
Technologies for Electric Current Sensors, G. Velasco-Quesada, A. Conesa-Roca, and M. Román-Lumbreras
Ferrofluids and Their Use in Sensors, B. Andò, S. Baglio, A. Beninato, and V. Marletta

Part IV Sound and Ultrasound Sensors
Low-Cost Underwater Acoustic Modem for Short-Range Sensor Networks, Bridget Benson and Ryan Kastner
Integrating Ultrasonic Standing Wave Particle Manipulation into Vibrational Spectroscopy Sensing Applications, Stefan Radel, Johannes Schnöller, and Bernhard Lendl
Wideband Ultrasonic Transmitter and Sensor Array for In-Air Applications, Juan Ramon Gonzalez, Mohamed Saad, and Chris J. Bleakley
Sensing Applications Using Photoacoustic Spectroscopy, Ellen L. Holthoff and Paul M. Pellegrino

Part V Piezoresistive, Wireless, and Electrical Sensors
Piezoresistive Fibrous Sensor for On-Line Structural Health Monitoring of Composites, Saad Nauman, Irina Cristian, François Boussu, and Vladan Koncar
Structural Health Monitoring Based on Piezoelectric Transducers: Analysis and Design Based on the Electromechanical Impedance, Fabricio G. Baptista, Jozue Vieira Filho, and Daniel J. Inman
Microwave Sensors for Non-Invasive Monitoring of Industrial Processes, B. García-Baños, Jose M. Catalá-Civera, Antoni J. Canós, and Felipe L. Peñaranda-Foix
Microwave Reflectometry for Sensing Applications in the Agrofood Industry, Andrea Cataldo, Egidio De Benedetto, and Giuseppe Cannazza
Wearable PTF Strain Sensors, Sari Merilampi
Application of Inertial Sensors in Developing Smart Particles, Ehad Akeila, Zoran Salcic, and Akshya Swain

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Krzysztof (Kris) Iniewski manages R&D at Redlen Technologies, Inc., a startup company in Vancouver, Canada. He is also a president of CMOS Emerging Technologies, an organization of high-tech events covering communications, microsystems, optoelectronics, and sensors. Dr. Iniewski has held numerous faculty and management positions at the University of Toronto, University of Alberta, Simon Fraser University, and PMC-Sierra, Inc. He has published more than 100 research papers in international journals and conferences. He holds 18 international patents granted in the United States, Canada, France, Germany, and Japan. He is a frequent invited speaker, has consulted for multiple organizations internationally, and has written and edited several books.


"This text brings together recent research in smart sensors technology and exposes the reader to myriad applications that this technology has enabled. Organized into five parts, the book explores photonics and optoelectronics sensors; infrared and thermal sensors; magnetic and inductive sensors; sound and ultrasound sensors; and piezoresistive, wireless, and electricalsensors. This book offers a comprehensive review of current technologies and the latest applications and trends in the field of smart sensors."
--IEEE Control Systems Magazine, June 2014