1st Edition

Smart Technologies in Healthcare Management Pioneering Trends and Applications

    294 Pages 84 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Offering a holistic view of the pioneering trends and innovations in smart healthcare management, this book focuses on the methodologies, frameworks, design issues, tools, architectures, and technologies necessary to develop and understand intelligent healthcare systems and emerging applications in the present era. 

    Smart Technologies in Healthcare Management: Pioneering Trends and Applications provides an overview of various technical and innovative aspects, challenges, and issues in smart healthcare, along with recent and novel findings. It highlights the latest advancements and applications in the field of intelligent systems and explores the importance of cloud computing and the design of sensors in an IoT system. The book offers algorithms and a framework with models in machine learning and AI for smart healthcare management. A detailed flow chart and innovative and modified methodologies related to intelligent computing in healthcare are discussed, as well as real-world-based examples so that readers can compare technical concepts with daily life concepts.

    This book will be a useful reference for academicians and the healthcare industry, along with professionals interested in exploring innovations in varied applicational areas of AI, IoT, and machine learning. Researchers, startup companies, and entrepreneurs will also find this book of interest.

    1. Role of Big Data Analysis for Smart Healthcare in Large Cities

    J.V.N. Ramesh, Nidhi Sindhwani, Asha Yadav, Shambhu Bhardwaj, Jayanthi Kannan,
    Rohit Anand, and Ankur Gupta

    2. Machine Learning-Based Inconsistency Detection in Medical Data

    J.V.N. Ramesh, Jayasri Kotti, Priyanka Chandani, Rupal Gupta, Ahateshaam Ansari, T.R. Mahesh,
    and Dharmesh Dhabliya

    3. A Perspective on Improvements in Segmentation Image Processing in Healthcare Datasets

    J.V.N. Ramesh, Rohit Anand, Mohammed Zabeeulla, Abhilash Kumar Saxena, Mukesh Kumar, Nidhi Sindhwani, and Ankur Gupta

    4. Health Risk Analysis Based on Embedded IoT Data and Machine Learning

    Vivek Veeraiah, K Gurnadha Gupta, G. Sindhu Madhuri, Ashendra Kumar Saxena, Raj Sharma, Kumud Saxena, and Ankur Gupta

    5. A Comparison and Analysis of Risk Based on IoT and Healthcare

    Vivek Veeraiah, N. Beemkumar, Priyank Singhal, Ashutosh Kr. Singh, Sumaiya Ansari, Shalini Dixit, and Dharmesh Dhabliya

    6. Biomechanics Features-Based IoT and Machine Learning For Orthopedic Patients  

    Vivek Veeraiah, M.S. Sowmya, Bhupesh Goyal, Madhu Yadav, Reshmi Mishra, Gulista Khan, and Dharmesh Dhabliya

    7. Healthcare-Based Human Activity Recognition and Transportation Mode Detection Using IoT Sensors

    R. Dilip, M.G. Shalini, M.G. Manasa, N. Tejashwini, L. Chandrashekhar, and Bhagirathi Bai V.

    8. A Study of Metaverse on Medicare Analysis Using Healthcare Analysis


    9. Blockchain and IoT Sensors in Healthcare 5.0

    Lipsa Das, Vimal Bibhu, Bhuvi Sharma, Khushi Dadhich, and Akanksha Singh

    10. Role of Cloud Computing in Healthcare Sector

    Nidhi Sindhwani, Rashmi Vashisth, and Sudhir Chauhan

    11. Challenges Faced by AI in Healthcare and Future Opportunities

    Akanchha Singh and Gurpreet Kaur

    12. Privacy and Security Consideration in Healthcare: Navigating the Challenges of IoT and Ubiquitous Computing

    Laxmi Ahuja, Rajbala Simon, and Ayush Thakur

    13. Empowering Harvest - Unlocking the Secrets to Optimal Health

    Parth Seth and Monika Sharma

    14. Violence-Based Object Detection in Streets for Effective Monitoring of Safe Environments

    Navneet Vishnoi, Thirukumaran Subbiramani, Mohit Kumar Sharma, Sukhvinder Singh Dari, Vikas Sagar, and Nitendra Kumar

    15. COVID Safety Compliance Detection to Determine Locations with High Probability of Spread of Infection

    Navneet Vishnoi, Aarushi Thusu, Harshita Kaushik, G. Ezhilarasan, Adapa Gopi, and Aarti Kalnawat

    16.  Transfer Learning and Chest X-Ray-Based Image Processing and Modeling to Detect COVID-19

    Yaduvir Singh, Nupur Tripathi, Surendra Yadav, Namit Gupta, A. Uthama Kumar, and Janjhyam Venkata Naga Ramesh


    Dr. Nidhi Sindhwani works as an Assistant Professor at Amity School of Engineering and Technology Delhi, Amity University, Noida, India. She earned her Ph.D. (ECE) from Punjabi University, Patiala, Punjab, India. She has 15-plus years of teaching experience and is a Life Member of the Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) and a member of IEEE. She has published three chapters in reputable books, ten papers in Scopus/SCIE Indexed Journals, and has four patents to her credit. Dr. Sindhwani has presented various research papers at national and international conferences and was asked to chair a session at two conferences. Her research areas include Wireless Communication, Image Processing, Optimization, Machine Learning, and IoT.


    Dr. Ajay Rana has demonstrated his intellectual, interpersonal, and managerial skills through his teaching experience in academics and industry, with roles ranging from Lecturer to Professor to Director to Dean over 20-plus years. He is an educationalist, a teacher, an innovator, a strategist, and a committed philanthropist. Dr. Rana’s core life philosophy includes deep organizational ethics, equality, and a desire to help every individual who wishes to succeed in life. Dr. Rana’s areas of interest include Machine Learning, the Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, Software Engineering, and Soft Computing. He has 60-plus patents under his name in the field of IoT, Networks, and Sensors. He has published more than 271 research papers in reputed journals and presented at international and national conferences. He has co-authored eight books and co-edited 36 conference proceedings. Dr. Rana is Chairman of AUN Research Labs, an executive committee member of IEEE, and a Life Member of the Computer Society of India/ISTE. He is also a member of the Editorial Board and Review Committee of several journals.


    Dr. Sarvesh Tanwar is an Associate Professor at Amity Institute of Information Technology (AIIT), Amity University, Noida. She is the head of the AUN Blockchain and Data Security Research Lab. She completed her M. Tech (CSE) degree from MMU, Mullana, and her Ph.D. in (CSE) from Mody University, Laxmangarh (Raj.), and has more than 14 years of teaching and research experience to her credit. Her areas of research include Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), Cryptography, Blockchain, and Cyber Security. She has published more than 50 research papers in international journals and conferences and has filed 17 patents. Dr. Tanwar is a journal reviewer and a member of the board of IJISP, IGI Global, USA.


    Dr. Ramani Kannan is currently working as a Senior Lecturer at the Center for Smart Grid Energy Research, Institute of Autonomous Systems at the University Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP), Malaysia. Dr. Kanan completed his Ph.D. (Power Electronics and Drives) from Anna University, in India, in 2012, his M. E. (Power Electronics and Drives) from Anna University, in India, in 2006, and his B. E. (Electronics and Communication) from Bharathiyar University, in India, in 2004. He has more than 15 years of experience in prestigious educational institutes and has published more than 130 papers in various reputed national and international journals and conferences. He has been the editor, co-editor, guest editor, and reviewer of various books and received the award for best presenter at the CENCON 2019, IEEE Conference on Energy Conversion (CENCON 2019) Indonesia.