1st Edition

Smartphone Cultures

Edited By Jane Vincent, Leslie Haddon Copyright 2018
    200 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    210 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Smartphone Cultures explores emerging questions about the ways in which this mobile technology and its apps have been produced, represented, regulated and incorporated into everyday social practices. The various authors in this volume each locate their contributions within the circuit of culture model.

    More specifically, this book engages with issues of production and regulation in the case of the electrical infrastructure supporting smartphones and the development of mobile social gambling apps. It examines issues of consumption through looking at parental practices relating to children’s smartphone use, children’s experience of the regulation of this technology, both in the home and in school, how they cope with the mass of communications via the smartphone and the nature of their attachment to the device. Other chapters cover the engagement of older people with smartphones, as well as how different cultural norms of sociability have a bearing on how the technology is consumed. The smartphone’s implications for other theoretical frameworks is illustrated through examining ramifications for domestication, and the sometimes-limited place of smartphones in certain aspects of life is examined through its role in the practices of reading and writing. Smartphone Cultures presents the latest international research from scholars located in the UK, Europe, the US and Australia and will appeal to scholars and students of media and cultural studies, communication studies and sociologists with interests in technology and social practices.

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    1. Introducing Smartphone Cultures (Jane Vincent and Leslie Haddon)

    Part I Infrastructure and Applications

    2. Circuit(s) of affective infrastructuring: Smartphones and Electricity (Maren Hartmann)

    3. Mobile Betting Apps: Odds on the Social (César Albarrán-Torres and Gerard Goggin)

    Part II Understanding Family Consumption

    4. Parental practices in the era of smartphones (Cristina Ponte, José Alberto Simões, Claudia Lampert, and Anka Velicu)

    5. Older People, Smartphones and WhatsApp (Mireia Fernández-Ardèvol and Andrea Rosales)

    Part III Developing domestication through empirical studies

    6. Domestication and social constraints on ICT use: Children’s engagement with smartphones (Leslie Haddon)

    7. Domesticating Smartphones (Troels Fibaek Bertel)

    Part IV Managing Sociability

    8. Collective uses of mobile phones in the global South: Cultural diversity among low-income groups in Brazil and in South Africa (Carla Barros)

    9. Adolescents and Smartphones: Coping with overload (Maialen Garmendia. Miguel Casado del Río, Estefanía Jimenez)

    10. Addiction or emancipation? Children’s attachment to smartphones as a cultural practice (Giovanna Mascheroni)

    Part V Regulating the Smartphone

    11. Smartphones in the classroom: Current practices and future visions. Perspectives from teachers and children (Sofie Vandoninck, Marije Nouwen, Bieke Zaman)

    12. Experiences of writing on smartphones, laptops, and paper in the digital age (Sora Park and Naomi S. Baron)

    13. Student’s preferences for smartphones versus other media within their academic study (Jane Vincent, John O’Sullivan, Christopher Lim and Manuela Farinosi)


    14. Concluding Smartphone Cultures (Leslie Haddon and Jane Vincent)




    Jane Vincent is Senior Researcher and Visiting Fellow in the Department of Media and Communications at the London School of Economics and Political Science and member of EU COST Actions examining print and digital media, and media issues in ageism. Jane is co-editor of publications including Social Robots from a Human Perspective and Migration, Diaspora and Information Technology from a Global Perspective, and Electronic Emotions, the mediation of emotions via information and communication technologies

    Leslie Haddon is Senior Researcher and Visiting Lecturer in the Department of Media and Communications at the London School of Economics and Political Science, UK, author of Information and Communication Technologies in Everyday Life, co-author of The Shape of Things to Consume and Mobile Communications: An introduction to New Media, editor of The Contemporary Internet and co-editor of Everyday Innovators, The Social Dynamics of Information and Communication Technology, Generational Use of New Media, Kids Online and Kids Risk and Safety Online.