1st Edition

Snail Transmitted Parasitic Diseases Volume II

By Emile A. Malek Copyright 1980

    Research on snail-transmitted disease has continued at a considerable pace during the last twenty years, and sveral investigators have made valuable contributions to our knowledge of these diseases.The objective of this book is to present an up-to-date account of the infections or diseases of the world which are transmitted by snails, and in which each disease is considered in much greater detail than is usually provided by textbooks on general, medical or veterinary parasitology.These two volumes cover the infections or diseases that are caused by certain helminths which are transmitted by snails.

    1. Paragonimiasis 2. Nanophyetiasis 3. Clonorchiasis 4. Opisthorchiasis 5. Heterophyidiasis 6. Fascioliasis 7. Fascioloidiasis 8. Fasciolopsiasis 9. Paramphistomatidiasis 10. Dicrocoeliasis 11. Echinostomatidiasis 12. Notocotylidiasis, Plagiorchiidiasis, and Prosthogonimiasis 13. Microphallidiasis and Lecithodendriidiasis 14. Strigeidiasis and Clinostomatidiasis 15. Brachylaemidiasis and Cyclocoelidiasis 16. Nematodiases Transmitted by Snails: Angiostrongyliasis


    Emile A. Malek