1st Edition

Social Accounting for Industrial and Transition Economies

By Solomon Cohen Copyright 2002

    This title was first published in 2002: Showing how the social accounting matrix provides a comprehensive framework for the analysis and tabulation of national statistics and how it can assist in developing economic policy, this work also demonstrates the key aspects of this approach in dealing with a wide range of economic and social issues. The reference, and the accompanying volume, "Social Accounting and Economic Modelling for Developing Countries" should be useful for researchers, instructors, policy makers and scholars.

    1. Comparative SAM Matrices for West and East European Countries: Construction and Structural differences 2. SAM Multipliers for West and Eastern Countries: an Evaluation of Transnational Patterns 3. Growth and Distribution in Russia and China: the Difference 4. Policy Modelling under Fixed and Flexible Price regimes: Sam and CGE Transition Models applied to Hungary and Poland 5. SAM Analysis for the Netherlands 6. Inter-Temporal Analysis of Regional Multipliers 7. Urban Dynamics and the Circular Flow in Industrial Economies 8. Growth and Equity Effects of Demographic Change in Industrial Economies