214 Pages
    by Routledge

    214 Pages
    by Routledge

    Social Cognition looks at the way in which humans interpret, analyse and remember information about the social world. Topics covered include: attribution, social schemas and social representations, prejudice and discrimination. Suitable for the AQA-A A2 and AQA-B AS level examintation, mnd students studying social cognition for the first time at undergraduate level.
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    The Routledge Modular Psychology Series is a completely new approach to introductory level psychology, tailor-made for the new modular style of teaching. Each book covers a topic in more detail than any large textbook can, allowing teacher and student to select material exactly to suit any particular course or project. Especially written for those students new to higher-level study, whether at school, college or university, the books include the following designed features to help with technique:

    • Practice essays with specialist commentary to show how to achieve a higher grade
    • Chapter summaries and summaries of key research
    • Glossary and further reading
    • Progress and review exercises.

    Introduction to Social Cognition. Attribution Theory: Concepts and Models. Attribution Theory: Accuracy and Error. Social Schemas and Social Representations. Prejudice and Discrimination: Cognitive Perspectives. Social Cognition: Development Extensions and Applications Study Aids. Glossary. References. Index


    Donald C. Pennington is a Chief Examiner for A-level Psychology and Pro-Vice Chancellor of Coventry University.

    'The use of everyday examples throughout was very helpful. I particularly liked the inclusion of a study aids chapter, and within this the student essays with comments - a really valuable innovation, which could ... usefully be read by undergraduate students too' - Ruth Green, Staffordshire University