1st Edition

Social Development in Kerala Illusion or Reality?

    232 Pages
    by Routledge

    This title was first published in 2000:  There has been considerable academic interest in the innovative development programme taking place in Kerala, India. Much has been published on the specific "achievements" of the programme, such as literacy, health care, communication and demographic indicators. However, lurking beneath the surface are the harsh realities of chronic unemployment, poverty and deprivation among the elderly and weaker sections of the society, the oppression of women and the inefficiency of the government. These problems are revealed in this book through in-depth empirical research undertaken by a native Keralan. In the light of this material, this text questions whether the Kerala model of development should indeed be regarded as worth emulation.

    Kerala - behind the illusions and realities; achievements and failures of Kerala model of development; the government and social sector in Kerala; development in Kerala - perceptions of development officials; grass-roots realities of development; realities and illusions of social development in Kerala.


    Sundar Ramanathaiyer, Stewart MacPherson