1st Edition

Social Dreaming Philosophy, Research, Theory and Practice

Edited By Susan Long, Julian Manley Copyright 2019
    226 Pages 7 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    226 Pages 7 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The idea of social dreaming argues that dreams are relevant to the wider social sphere and have a collective resonance that goes beyond the personal narrative.

    In this fascinating collection, the principles of social dreaming are explored to uncover shared anxieties and prejudices, suggest likely responses, enhance cultural surveys, inform managerial policies and embody community affiliation. Including, for the first time, a coherent epistemology to support the theoretical principles of the field, the book reflects upon and extends the theory and philosophy behind the method, as well as discussing new research in the area, and how social dreaming practice is conducted in a range of localities, situations and circumstances.

    The book will appeal to anyone interested in the idea that social dreaming can help us to delve deeper into the question of what it means to be human, from psychoanalysts to sociologists and beyond.

    Dedication  Preface  Author Biographies  Introduction  Section 1. Towards a Philosophy of Science in Support of Social Dreaming  Chapter 1 Dreams and Dreaming: A Socioanalytic and Semiotic Perspective Chapter 2 Associative Thinking: A Deleuzian Perspective on Social Dreaming  Section 2. The Nature and Processes of Social Dreaming: Theory and Research  Chapter 3 The Dreaming Body Yearning to Belong to a Larger Social Body  Chapter 4 Renewing the Land: The Dreaming Mind in Community Chapter 5 An Integrative Theory of Dreaming Underlying Social Dreaming  Chapter 6 An Action Research Study of Dream-Sharing as Socially-Constituted Practice  Chapter 7 Festino di San Silvestro: Rites and Social Dreaming  Chapter 8 Looking for Treasure in Dream Water Section 3. Social Dreaming Practice  Chapter 9 "Are You Sharing a Dream?" - Social Dreaming in a Community  Chapter 10 London Dreaming Chapter 11 Social Spaces for Social Dreaming  Chapter 12 Peripatetic Social Dreaming: An Exploration of Social Dreaming Outside a Formal Social Dreaming Setting  Chapter 13 Dreams, Space, Context and Identity in the Workplace  Chapter 14 What Now? Future Dreams


    Dr. Susan Long is Director of Research at the National Institute for Organisation Dynamics Australia. She conducts research in organisational change and collaborative dynamics, and supervises research candidates ([email protected]). She is president of the Gordon Lawrence Foundation for the promotion of social dreaming and a past president of the International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organisations. She is also an organisational consultant in private practice.

    Dr. Julian Manley works at the University of Central Lancashire, UK. His research focusses on psychosocial applications of visual methods and Deleuzian perspectives, with a particular emphasis on social dreaming. He is Vice-Chair and Academic Research Lead of the Gordon Lawrence Foundation for the Promotion of Social Dreaming.

    "This is an important book that extends the horizons envisioned by Gordon Lawrence. Dreams are overdetermined events that condense many divergent strands of thought into one remarkable internal event. ’Social dreaming’ theorists analyze the way dreams include social events in their matrix. At a time when there is widespread distress in societies around the globe, a work such as this is timely and useful." --Christopher Bollas

    "This new collection of papers on Social Dreaming (SD) contains some gems of eloquent and moving descriptions of the frankly, magic experience of SD, and it aims to make a thoughtful contribution to the epistemology and the practice of SD."
    -George Taxidis, Private Practice, teaches at Goldsmiths, University of London