2nd Edition

Social Entrepreneurship Building Impact Step by Step

By Teresa Chahine Copyright 2023
    278 Pages 69 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    278 Pages 69 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Social Entrepreneurship provides a 10-stage framework for building impactful ventures within and across new and existing organizations. The book summarizes the basic steps and tools needed to understand a social or environmental challenge of your choice, develop potential solutions, build a business model, measure outcomes, and grow your impact. This fully updated second edition builds on the concepts and tools introduced previously, broadening the scope to those working or preparing to work in organizations globally. Concepts addressed include intrapreneurship and, for the first time, extrapreneurship, which considers innovating across organizations to achieve collective impact. Featuring international case studies and interviews with leaders in the field, this comprehensive guide spans multiple sectors, including health, the environment, education, agriculture, commerce, finance, and retail. Summaries, exercises, and key learning points help to aid and cement learning. A widely regarded and valuable text, Social Entrepreneurship should be core reading for advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students studying entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship. The book’s applied 10-stage approach will also be valuable for those in executive education as well as professionals and entrepreneurs looking to equip themselves with the tools needed to succeed in social change.


    How to Use This Book


    Attributes of Social Entrepreneurship 

    Social Entrepreneurship as a Path to Sustainable Development

    Institutions Supporting Social Entrepreneurs

    Case Study: Practicing Extrapreneurship through Collaborative Jujitsu

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    Chapter Assignment


    1  Researching Your Topic

    Understanding a Social Challenge

    Data is Power

    Approaching Your Research

    Diving into Research: Identifying Your Challenge

    Diving into Action: Characterizing Your Challenge

    Tracking and Interpreting Your Investigation

    Case Study: Health Leads

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    Chapter Assignment


    2  Talking to People

    Understanding the Lived Experience

    What Is a Community?

    Knowledge Equity 

    Stakeholder Analysis

    Community-Driven Research 

    Reaching Out to People

    After You Talk to People: Piecing It Together

    Case Study: Ciudad Saludable

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    Chapter Assignment


    3  Designing a Solution

    Innovation and Design Thinking 

    A Design Process to Try 

    During and After the Design Process

    Tools for Testing and Refining Your Social Impact Idea

    Beyond Design 

    Incremental Innovation and Disruptive Innovation 

    Case Study: Hippocampus Learning Centers 

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    Chapter Assignment


    4  Developing Your Idea Further

    Getting Your Idea Out There

    Articulating Vision, Mission, and Values

    How It Works

    Evaluating Your Idea

    Case Study: Daily Table 

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    Chapter Assignment


    5  Measuring Outcomes

    Social Outcomes versus Social Impact

    Thinking about Your Success Metrics

    Challenges and Best Practices in Measuring Social Outcomes

    Building Systems for Data Collection and Analysis 

    Do's and Don’ts of Success Metrics 

    Case Study: Soufra

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    Chapter Assignment


    6  Ensuring Financial Viability

    Sources of Revenue

    Payment Models

    Distribution Models 

    Operational Efficiency across Delivery Models

    Financial Forecasting

    Case Study: Aravind Eye Care Systems

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    Chapter Assignment


    7  Funding Your Endeavor

    Overview of the Social Investing Spectrum

    Sources of Funding

    Financial Vehicles

    Evolution of Social Investment

    Finding the Right Fit at Different Stages of Your Endeavor

    Nonfinancial Support

    Creating Your Resource Dashboard

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    Chapter Assignment


    8  Structuring as an Organization




    Legal Structure

    Considerations for Growth

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    9  Pitching and Communications Strategy

    Packaging and Pitching Your Business Plan 

    Building a Communications Plan 

    Evaluating Your Communications

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    Chapter Assignment


    10  Expanding Your Reach

    Thinking beyond Your Endeavor

    Case Study: Catalyst 2030

    Handing Off

    Chapter Summary

    Chapter Assignment




    Teresa Chahine is the inaugural Sheila and Ron ’92 BA Marcelo Senior Lecturer in Social Entrepreneurship at Yale School of Management, USA. Her research and teaching focus on social and environmental drivers of public health outcomes, and on the role of social entrepreneurship as a potential pathway toward achieving the public health mission. She hosts the podcast Impact & Innovation, and teaches a publicly available course on social entrepreneurship through Coursera. Connect with her on Twitter at @teresachahine, and visit www.socialentrepreneurshipbook.com to learn more about resources for teaching and learning social entrepreneurship. 

    "A timely contribution that equips people in organizations and more broadly in society with the tools, language, and frameworks to effect change and contribute to building a greener, fairer, and more just society. At once a primer on the social enterprise movement and a translation of academic research into practitioner action, this book demonstrates why we must all become social entrepreneurs to face today’s pressing challenges. At a time of multidimensional crises globally, this is an immensely useful companion for moving from ideas to impact."

    Julie Battilana, PhD, Joseph C. Wilson Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School, USA; Alan L. Gleitsman Professor of Social Innovation, Harvard Kennedy School, USA; Founder and Faculty Chair, Social Innovation and Change Initiative, USA.

    "Social entrepreneurship and innovation are all about finding new ways to address tough problems, creating value, defying constraints, and identifying opportunities – exactly the transformational work required to shift the status quo. By outlining the social entrepreneurship skill set and mindset, this book empowers individuals to become changemakers and take up the cause of advancing social justice and equity through the dynamic framework of social entrepreneurship."

    Cheryl Dorsey, President, Echoing Green, USA.

    "Everybody is a changemaker! We can teach and learn skills that help us make more effective and lasting changes. This textbook is a valuable guide to get that journey started. What are you waiting for?"

    Bill Drayton, JD, Founder, CEO, and Chair, Ashoka, USA.

    "Are you working to build a more just, sustainable, and equitable world? Teresa Chahine has assembled an indispensable, practical manual for the aspiring social innovator. This book will take you on a journey to shape your strategy, advance your skill set, and demystify the different approaches to driving transformational social change."

    Don Gips, MBA, CEO, Skoll Foundation, USA.

    "From launching innovations to measuring outcomes, Teresa Chahine breaks down every critical step of social entrepreneurship and challenges us to think more deeply and powerfully about our impact. Anyone not satisfied with the state of the world (which should be all of us!), needs to read and apply her lessons."

    Seth Goldman, MPPM, Co-founder of Honest Tea and Eat the Change; Board Chair of Beyond Meat, USA.

    "With the world never having been as polarized as it is today, it is no longer business as usual. The need for social entrepreneurship has never been as significant, and Chahine’s book is a timely and invaluable guide to social entrepreneurship for veterans and newcomers alike. She explains how they can mobilize their resources in innovative and daring ways to make a real difference in tackling today’s challenges, thereby leaving a lasting impact on the communities they serve."

    Lubna Olayan, Chair of Executive Committee and Deputy Chairperson of Olayan Financing Company, Saudi Arabia; Chair of the Board of Trustees, Alfanar Venture Philanthropy, London, UK.

    "A super helpful and comprehensive introduction to the field of social entrepreneurship. Such a wonderful guide to teach students that their innovations can make a difference in the world!"

    Laurie Santos, PhD, Professor of Psychology, Yale University, USA; instructor on "The Science of Well-Being" course on Coursera; Host of The Happiness Lab Podcast.

    "Social business is a special form of social entrepreneurship where the business is devoted entirely to solving human problems. Chahine's book will make it easy to understand the whole spectrum of social entrepreneurship."

    Professor Muhammad Yunus, 2006 Nobel Peace Laureate, Chair, Yunus Centre; Founder, Grameen Bank, Bangladesh.