1st Edition

Social Feminism, Labor Politics, and the Law Women, the Law, and the Workplace

Edited By Sybil Lipschultz Copyright 2003

    Equal rights for women in the workplace is a critical aspect of the twentieth century civil rights movement, as well as an issue of academic and public interest. Bringing together legal rulings and commentary, this three-volume collection documents the development of legal protections for women in the workplace. The comprehensive coverage encompasses the major legal and constitutional issues, including the legal arguments that lead to the reduction of working hours for women and the argumentation that framed the debates over minimum wage legislation. The set also presents more contemporary issues of gender equality versus gender difference, in matters such as maternity leave and health hazards in the workplace for pregnant women. As the interest in the intersection of law and women's studies surges, this important new collection will become an essential guide to students and scholars, as well as lay readers. This volume is available on its own or as part of the three-volume set, Women, the Law, and the Workplace.. For a complete list of the volume titles in this set, see the listing for Women, the Law, and the Workplace

    III: The New Strain in Industry; IV: Some Specific Studies of Physical Overstrain in Industry; 3: The Distinctions of Sex; Muller, Plaintiffinerror, V. The State of Oregon.; Bunting V.State of Oregon.; The Right to Leisure; Notes; Women Who Work and Women Who Spend; Hours and Wages:; Chapter 4: The Lady and the Tramp: Gender, Race, and the Origins of the American Welfare State; Muller V. Oregon Reconsidered: The Origins of a Sex-Based Doctrine of Liberty of Contract; Protection Of Women Workers and the Courts: A Legal Case History; Welfare, Reform and World War I *; The National Consumers' League and the Brandeis Brief *


    Sybil Lipschultz