1st Edition

Social Foundations of Contemporary Economics

By Georges Sorel Copyright 1984
    348 Pages
    by Routledge

    350 Pages
    by Routledge

    Readers of economic and political theory as well as students of economic planning will appreciate this classic, now available for the first time in English. Written eighty years ago, when Sorel became disillusioned with the official socialism of the German and French Marxist parties, this new translation presents Sorel's analysis of the rise and fall of the two great modern ideologies: socialism and liberal capitalism. At present, when the fate of both of these ideologies seems in doubt, Sorel's analysis remains particularly insightful and fresh. Sorel explains why they seem to have fallen into disrepute just as they succeeded in an almost total monopoly of power in the advanced industrial countries of the world.Sorel notes a striking parallel in the historical evolution of both bodies of thought: productivity was the foremost ideal when both movements were at their most dynamic and socially effective stage. On the other hand, they were at their most decadent state when they no longer separated themselves from politics and embraced the ideals of social unity. This work is an attack on the time-honored notion of community solidarity whose Platonic and Aristotelian versions find their contemporary counterparts in notions of natural sociability and political obligation. This work anticipates much of the thinking that lies behind Sorel's famous Reflections on Violence and clearly expresses the moral basis of that work, as well as present tendencies in normative and empirical political thought.

    1: Introduction; 1: Chapter One; 2: Chapter Two; 3: Chapter Three; 4: Chapter Four; 5: Chapter Five; 2: Part I; 6: Chapter One; 7: Chapter Two; 8: Chapter Three; 9: Chapter Four; 10: Chapter Five; 11: Chapter Six; 12: Chapter Seven; 13: Chapter Eight; 14: Chapter Nine; 3: The Old Utopias and the New Socialist Doctrines; 15: Chapter One; 16: Chapter Two; 17: Chapter Three; 18: Chapter Four; 19: Chapter Five; 20: Chapter Six; 21: Chapter Seven; 22: Chapter Eight; 23: Chapter Nine; 3: Cartels and Their Ideological Consequences; 24: Chapter One; 25: Chapter Two; 26: Chapter Three; 27: Chapter Four; 28: Chapter Five; 29: Chapter Six; 30: Chapter Seven; 31: Conclusion


    Georges Sorel