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Social History of Europe

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France 1715-1804 Power and the People

France 1715-1804: Power and the People

1st Edition

By Gwynne Lewis
September 17, 2004

Gwynne Lewis’ history opens with a full analysis of all the components of traditional France, including political and religious structures, the seigneurial system, the bourgeoisie and the poor. Part two examines the meaning and challenge of the Enlightenment, with particular reference to women and ...

Twentieth Century Italy A Social History

Twentieth Century Italy: A Social History

1st Edition

By Jonathan Dunnage
November 04, 2002

Following a historically chronological approach, and with a clear focus on the marked regional diversity characterising Italy, this volume analyses the impact of social, economic, cultural and political transformation on the lives of Italians. It assesses their living standards, their health and ...

French Society 1589-1715

French Society: 1589-1715

1st Edition

By Sharon Kettering
May 01, 2001

This book provides a "birds eye" view of social change in France during the "long seventeenth century" from 1589-1715. One of the most dynamic phases of French history, it covers the reigns of the first three Bourbon kings, Henri IV, Louis XIII, and Louis XIV. The author explores the upheavals in ...

France, 1800-1914 A Social History

France, 1800-1914: A Social History

1st Edition

By Roger Magraw
October 14, 2002

Nineteenth-century France was a society of apparent paradoxes. It is famous for periodic and bloody revolutionary upheavals, for class conflict and for religious disputes, yet it was marked by relative demographic stability, gradual urbanisation and modest economic change, class conflict and ...

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