1st Edition

Social Impact Investing An Australian Perspective

    166 Pages 5 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    166 Pages 5 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Social impact investing is gaining ground as one of the most important investment trends in the world. While the size of the social impact investing market is still relatively small in global terms, momentum continues to grow unabated. Australia in particular is looking to develop a vibrant and transparent social impact investment market. This book considers a number of innovative strategies and pragmatic policy initiatives that can see the social impact investment market flourish in Australia and internationally.

    The book describes how social impact investing can enter the investment mainstream and how a high-quality regulatory framework governing the measurement, reporting and evaluation of social impact will be critical to building investor confidence and ensuring the credibility, effectiveness and transparency of this market. It also examines different approaches to measurement and evaluation that will ultimately be critical to the success of this market. The authors also recognise that governments have a pivotal role to play in growing the social impact investing market, not only in its capacity as a market facilitator and regulator but also as an active purchaser of social outcomes.

    This book will be informative for those who wish to learn more about how governments, private investors, investment intermediaries, social enterprises, service providers and other market participants around the world can work together to initiate and grow a vibrant, transparent and well-functioning social impact investing market.

    1. Introduction 2. The Evolution of Corporate Social Responsibility Concepts 3. The Rise of Social Impact Investing 4. Evaluating Alternative Types of Social Impact Investments 5. International Approaches to Growing and Regulating the Social Impact Investment Market 6. Towards a Viable SII Market in Australia 7. Approaches to Measuring and Evaluating Social Impact 8. Epilogue and Future Directions


    Stewart Jones is Professor at the University of Sydney, Australia.

    Helena de Anstiss is Senior Lecturer at the University of South Australia, Australia.

    Carmen Garcia is the CEO and Managing Director of National award-winning diversity and inclusion company, Community Corporate.

    "Social impact investing has rapidly emerged as one of the most important and transformational investment trends in the world today. There is a powerful imperative behind social impact investing to fundamentally reshape modern capitalism by harnessing the power of capital markets to address entrenched social and environmental problems such as poverty and climate change. Social Impact Investing: An Australian Perspective provides a comprehensive overview of the social impact investment phenomenon and evaluates the many challenges facing the growth of this market both in Australia and internationally. The book provides a unique perspective of how governments can facilitate the growth and effective regulation of this market." - Professor Tom Smith, Head of Applied Finance and Actuarial Science, Faculty of Business and Economics, Macquarie University and Professor of Finance UQ Emeritus

    "The idea and practice of corporate sustainability is no longer a niche movement. While the concept is gaining popularity by the day, it’s becoming more difficult to understand at its core. This book connects all the dots and gave me a greater understanding of the challenges to overcome and opportunities available to build a transparent, robust and effective Australian social impact investment market." - Richard Fine, Founder of BioPak