1st Edition

Social Inequality as a Global Challenge

Edited By Medani P. Bhandari, Shvindina Hanna Copyright 2021
    414 Pages
    by River Publishers

    This book discusses the factors behind the inequalities embedded within our social, economic and political systems. Social inequalities are especially seen in the service sectors – in the differences of access to healthcare, education, social protection, housing systems, childcare, elderly care etc. Cultural inequality, which segregates people from the mainstream based on recognition problems with a specific groups’ social status, language, religion, customs and norms, is another widespread issue. This book tries to present an accurate picture of these issues with cases studies from various countries. Mostly, when we talk about inequality, the focus is on economic inequality; however, much inequality persists, especially discrimination due to gender, age, origin, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, class, and religion. To end this situation there is a need for social, economic, and political reform. Until or unless the marginalized groups are empowered, the inequality issue cannot be solved or even minimized. On the basis of various case studies, this book encourages us to rethink societal development through the lens of growing inequalities and disparities. The book presents new insights for evaluating the progress on social development. The book highlights the current challenges of social inequality. In combination this collection of edited papers gives an integrated understanding of the question of “why is society unequal”? This book is aimed at those stakeholders, who want to make or contribute to change and build an undivided, socially inclusive society, and to those who want to contribute to empowering society in the Twenty-First century.

    Social Inequality as a Global Challenge


    Medani P. Bhandari, Shvindina Hanna