1st Edition

Social Influence The Ontario Symposium, Volume 5

Edited By Mark P. Zanna, James M. Olson, C. P. Herman Copyright 1987
    316 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    First published in 1987. This volume presents papers from the Fifth Ontario Symposium on Personality and Social Psychology, held at the University of Waterloo, August 21-23, 1984. The contributors are active researchers in the area of social influence. One of the purposes of this volume is to provide an accurate picture of our current knowledge about social influence processes. Thus, the chapters describe important recent developments in this area. A second and perhaps more important purpose of this volume is to bring together scholars with different perspectives on the social influence process in order to stimulate further research and theorizing in this area.

    I. COMMUNICATION AND PERSUASION 1. The Heuristic Model of Persuasion 2. Stalking Rudimentary Processes of Social Influence: A Psychophysiological Approach 3. Cognitive Processes in the Formation, Change and Expression of Attitudes 4. A Functional Approach to Attitudes and Persuasion II: COMPLIANCE AND CONFORMITY 5. Self-Perception Theory: A Current Perspective 6. The Effects of Collective Actions on the Attitudes of Individual Group Members: A Dissonance Analysis 7. Compliance Principles of Compliance Professionals: Psychologists of Necessity 8. Goals and Strategies of Persuasion: A Cognitive Schema for Understanding Social Events 9. Majority and Minority Influence: A Social Impact Analysis 10. Influence Processes, Problem Solving and Creativity 11. Information and Affective Value: A Case for the Study of Individual Differences and Social Influence III. COMMENTARY 12. Social Influence Research: New Approaches to Enduring Issues


    Mark P. Zanna University of Waterloo, James M. Olson University of W estern Ontario , C. Peter Herman University of Toronto