1st Edition

Social Love and the Critical Potential of People When the Social Reality Challenges the Sociological Imagination

Edited By Silvia Cataldi, Gennaro Iorio Copyright 2023
    346 Pages 4 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    346 Pages 4 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book unveils the concept of social love as a kind of "Karst River" that flows through the history of sociology, reassessing it as a form criticism by people in everyday life.

    Adopting an interdisciplinary perspective, this book offers both theoretical and empirical reflections on social love. It shows that love is not only central to the human experience, but that it can also help to interpret and intervene in social problems such as climate change, poverty, xenophobia, and the (post-)Covid crisis, recognizing people as actors in social change. It explores the idea of love as a key element in the promotion of solidarity and recognition in today’s plural and unequal societies.

    Based on empirical research on social love conducted through both qualitative and quantitative methods, especially in Europe and Latin America, this book explores the social dimension of love. Providing overviews on key questions and studies on current issues, the book is essential reference and resource for researchers, students, social workers, and professionals in social sciences, social philosophy, anthropology, social psychology, sociology of emotions and postmodern literature.


    Vera Araùjo, Bernhard Callebaut


    Gennaro Iorio, Silvia Cataldi

    Part I: Overview


    1. When reality challenges sociological imagination: what social love is in a critical perspective

    Silvia Cataldi, Gennaro Iorio

    2. Imagining on the shoulders of giants: an historical selection on the social thought on love

    Silvia Cataldi


    3. For an empirical study of social love: epistemological and methodogical research approaches

    Serena Quarta, Marco Palmieri, Giuseppe Pellegrini

    Current Issues

    4. Social systems and social love: a macro perspective on the history of civilizations

    Gennaro Iorio

    5. Social love as utopian and heterotopian experiences in contemporary society

    Paulo Henrique Martins

    PART II: Social love as overabundance


    6. Social love as an approach. Notes from the field

    Sari Hanafi


    7. Giving without expectations: the results of the World Love Index

    Marco Palmieri, Chiara Iannaccone

    Current Issues

    8. Collective action and love

    Adrian Scribano

    9. Social love and social movements in the pandemic

    Geoffrey Pleyers

    PART III: Social love as care of others and the world


    10. Re-imagining cosmopolitics: Love as taking care of the world

    Filipe Campello


    11. Educational poverty and care for others: a relation between human development and social love

    Andrea Gallelli, Paolo Contini, Angela Mongelli

    12. Social Love in Pandemic Time: an opportunity to generate and regenerate social relationships

    Giuseppe Pellegrini, Licia Paglione

    13. Social love in healthcare professionals. Some preliminary reflections on a missing issue

    Barbara Sena

    Current Issues

    14. Poverty and generative welfare: perspectives for a new approach to social intervention

    Tiziano Vecchiato, Luigi Gui

    15. Post-covid perspectives: an overview on inequalities and love experiences in South American

    Rolando Cristao, Marcelo Salas, Clara Desalvo

    PART IV: Social love as universalism


    16. Towards a convivialist society: how to think and act for pluriversalism

    Alain Caillé


    17. Universal is plural: The results of a comparative study from secondary sources

    Parra Saiani, Fabrizio Martire

    Current Issues

    18. Common goods, collaborative practices and love

    Emanuele Polizzi

    PART V: Social love as recognition of others


    19. Love in democracy: unfolding sovereignty, resonating common good

    Andrè Magnelli


    20. Radical Love: Radical love and forgiveness: Re-suturing the social racial wounds in the US

    William Calvo Quirós

    Current Issues

    21. Love beyond Coloniality: Encountering the other, love precarity, and the idiosyncrasies of Love from the South

    William Calvo Quirós, Agnès Kehuo, Antonio Mendes da Costa Braga


    Gennaro Iorio, Silvia Cataldi


    Silvia Cataldi, PhD, is Associate Professor of sociology at the Department of Psychology of Development and Socialization Processes of Sapienza University of Rome (Italy). She teaches sociology and research methods on bachelor’s and master’s degree courses and in the doctoral school. Her research focuses on methodological aspects of social research and emerging cultural and social identity models and she is involved in many European projects. She is a board member of the European Sociological Association 20RN Qualitative Methods, and the coordinator of the international research network Social-One. Among her publications she has co-edited with Iorio two books on social love: Love at the Time of Accounting (2015) and Culture of Peace (2016).

    Gennaro Iorio, PhD, is Full Professor of sociology. He is Director of the Department of Political and Social Studies of the University of Salerno (Italy). Expert in the history of sociological thought, he teaches sociology of innovation, common goods, and sustainable development goals on bachelor’s and master’s degree courses and in the doctoral school. His research projects include urban resilience and prosociality, empathy between sociology and neuroscience, north–south inequalities and social innovation. For almost 20 years he has been studying social love and has published the first avant-garde books on the subject, such as Sociology of Love (2015) now published in three languages, Italian, English and Portuguese.