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Social Movements in the 21st Century: New Paradigms

About the Series

Series Editor: Kevin McDonald

Moving beyond the interpretative frameworks constructed to make sense of social movements half a century ago, Social Movements in the 21st Century: New Paradigms seeks to renew our understanding of collective action today.

With a focus on social and political actors and experience, this series provides a space for engaging with emerging forms of action and organization, subjectivities, embodiment, and new forms of solidarity. It values theoretical work and methodological innovation, rooted in western and non-western research, and seeks to engage with key questions linking movements to wider social and political transformations, in particular to shifts in contemporary capitalism and globalization.

Its focus includes moral imaginations and the production of ethics, emerging organizational practices, the significance of new media, digital technologies and new forms of communication, the role of art and imagination in action, the reconfiguration of public and private, and experiments in contemporary democracy. The series welcomes studies linking empirical work and theoretical renewal. These may include studies of action in workplaces, cities or neighbourhoods and address questions ranging from sexuality to race, with a focus on emerging forms of mobilisation, from digital action to occupations.

Moving beyond the 20th century’s progressive and secular paradigm in social movement studies, the series seeks to engage with the breadth of collective action today, whether in the form of religious movements, populist and antidemocratic movements, or violent movements, – as in the form of contemporary terrorism.

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Family and Jihadism A Socio-Anthropological Approach to the French Experience

Family and Jihadism: A Socio-Anthropological Approach to the French Experience

1st Edition

Edited By Jérôme Ferret, Farhad Khosrokhavar
December 29, 2021

This volume explores the paramount importance of family to jihadism in France, Spain and in Europe more generally. In France, special focus is given to the Mohammed Merah paradigmatic case study in the Toulouse region. In Spain, attention is given to the North and to Catalonia. With attention to ...

The Interfaith Movement Mobilising Religious Diversity in the 21st Century

The Interfaith Movement: Mobilising Religious Diversity in the 21st Century

1st Edition

Edited By John Fahy, Jan-Jonathan Bock
September 11, 2019

Although its beginnings can be traced back to the late 19th century, the interfaith movement has only recently begun to attract mainstream attention, with governments, religious leaders and grassroots activists around the world increasingly turning to interfaith dialogue and collective action to ...

Researching Far-Right Movements Ethics, Methodologies, and Qualitative Inquiries

Researching Far-Right Movements: Ethics, Methodologies, and Qualitative Inquiries

1st Edition

Edited By Emanuele Toscano
January 28, 2019

As extreme and far right movements become increasingly widespread in many countries, the sociology of social movements is called to confront them. This book addresses the specific challenges entailed by the empirical study of such movements, presenting case studies from Japan, Thailand, England, ...

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