1st Edition

Social Networks as the New Frontier of Terrorism #Terror

By Laura Scaife Copyright 2017
    216 Pages
    by Routledge

    216 Pages
    by Routledge

    Terrorism. Why does this word grab our attention so?

    Propaganda machines have adopted modern technology as a means to always have their content available. Regardless of the hour or time zone, information is being shared by somebody, somewhere. Social media is a game changer influencing the way in which terror groups are changing their tactics and also how their acts of terror are perceived by the members of the public they intend to influence.

    This book explores how social media adoption by terrorists interacts with privacy law, freedom of expression, data protection and surveillance legislation through an exploration of the fascinating primary resources themselves, covering everything from the Snowden Leaks, the rise of ISIS to Charlie Hebdo. The book also covers lesser worn paths such as the travel guide that proudly boasts that you can get Bounty and Twix bars mid-conflict, and the best local hair salons for jihadi brides. These vignettes, amongst the many others explored in this volume bring to life the legal, policy and ethical debates considered in this volume, representing an important part in the development of understanding terrorist narratives on social media, by framing the legislative debate.

    This book represents an invaluable guide for lawyers, government bodies, the defence services, academics, students and businesses.

    1. One Man’s Terrorist is Another Man’s Facebook Friend  2. Terrorism’s love affair with Social Media  3. Freedom of the Newsfeed  4. The Spy who liked my Tweet: Counter-Intelligence and the Terrorists' reaction to Snowden  5. Let's start a #war  6. National Security and the Fourth Estate in a Brave New Social Media World


    Laura Scaife is is a privacy practitioner and academic. She has appeared on the BBC and featured in New Statesman and on Radio 4. She regularly publishes scholarly articles on Social Media and is the author of The Handbook of Social Media and the Law, described in peer review as “the seminal text in the area”.