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Social Policy: Welfare, Power and Diversity

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Welfare: Needs, Rights and Risks

Welfare: Needs, Rights and Risks

1st Edition

Edited By Mary Langan
June 26, 1998

Welfare: Needs, Rights and Risks addresses the question of how people get access to social welfare in the UK today. It explores the public, political and professional definitions, constructions and conflicts about who should receive social welfare and under what conditions. In a period during which...

Unsettling Welfare The Reconstruction of Social Policy

Unsettling Welfare: The Reconstruction of Social Policy

1st Edition

Edited By Gordon Hughes, Gail Lewis
July 28, 1998

Unsettling Welfare addresses the changing relationship between social welfare, its 'recipients' and the state. In particular, the book explores the direction and the impact of the reforms of the welfare state that took place during the 1980s and 1990s. By focusing on specific fields of social ...

Embodying the Social Constructions of Difference

Embodying the Social: Constructions of Difference

1st Edition

Edited By Esther Saraga
October 01, 1998

This book opens the series with a consideration of the social construction of social difference. Taking the body as the point of departure, it deals with the processes through which social problems and social inequalities are constructed. In particular, it examines the shifting ways in which our ...

Imagining Welfare Futures

Imagining Welfare Futures

1st Edition

Edited By Gordon Hughes
September 29, 1998

Imagining Welfare Futures explores possible futures of welfare by considering different types of relationship between the public and the state through which social welfare may be organized beyond the millennium. By drawing on contemporary debates about the 'citizen', 'the community' and 'the ...

Forming Nation, Framing Welfare

Forming Nation, Framing Welfare

1st Edition

Edited By Gail Lewis
April 20, 1998

This book introduces a historical perspective on the emergence and development of social welfare. Starting from the familiar ground of 'the family', it traces some of the crucial historical roots and desires that fed the development of social policy in the 19th and 20th centuries around education, ...

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