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Social Policy in Modern Asia: Social Policy in Modern Asia

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In an age of globalization, this series is designed to help broaden the basis and the perspectives of international comparative social policy by introducing fresh countries and above all fresh perspectives on social policy into what has hitherto been very much a Western-dominated field. Topics to be covered include social care, welfare services, family structure, crime and punishment, pensions, housing, and healthcare in various countries including China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

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Financing Welfare State Systems in Asia

Financing Welfare State Systems in Asia

1st Edition

Edited By Christian Aspalter
May 31, 2023

This book identifies the main causes of welfare state system extension, as well as the differences in welfare state system design and their consequences for human behavior and the future financial stability of the systems in place in different parts of Asia. Providing ten in-depth country case ...

Pathways to State Welfare in Korea Interests, Ideas and Institutions

Pathways to State Welfare in Korea: Interests, Ideas and Institutions

1st Edition

By Gyu-Jin Hwang
November 15, 2016

Why has Korean social policy developed differently from that of other East Asian countries? While in many respects Korea can be compared with Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore, where economic development has been the chief priority of state action, Korea has also implemented extensive welfare ...

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