Social Psychology: A Modular Course

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Social Psychology: A Modular Course, edited by Miles Hewstone, aims to provide undergraduates with stimulating, readable, affordable, and brief texts by leading experts committed to presenting a fair and accurate view of the work in each field, sharing their enthusiasm with students, and presenting their work in an approachable way.

Together with three other modular series, these texts will cover all the major topics studied at undergraduate level in psychology. The companion series are: Clinical Psychology, edited by Chris R. Brewin; Developmental Psychology, edited by Peter Bryant; and Cognitive Psychology, edited by Gerry Altmann and Susan E. Gathercole.

The series will appeal to those who want to go deeper into the subject than the traditional textbook will allow, and base their examination answers, research, projects, assignments, or practical decisions on a clearer and more rounded appreciation of the research evidence.

  • Group Performance book cover

    Group Performance

    1st Edition

    By Bernard A. Nijstad

    People interact and perform in group settings in all areas of life. Organizations and businesses are increasingly structuring work around groups and teams. Every day, we work in groups such as families, friendship groups, societies and sports teams, to make decisions and plans, solve problems,…

    Paperback – 2009-06-23
    Psychology Press
    Social Psychology: A Modular Course

  • Attribution: An Introduction to Theories, Research and Applications book cover


    An Introduction to Theories, Research and Applications, 1st Edition

    By Friedrich Försterling

    Attribution concerns the scientific study of naive theories and common-sense explanations. This text provides a thorough and up-to-date introduction to the field, combining comprehensive coverage of the fundamental theoretical ideas and most significant research with an overview of more recent…

    Paperback – 2001-07-19
    Psychology Press
    Social Psychology: A Modular Course