1st Edition

Social Psychology of Health and Illness

Edited By Glenn S. Sanders, Jerry Suls Copyright 1982
    366 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    362 Pages
    by Psychology Press

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    This books describes how and why "distant" social influences, such as socialization practices, interpersonal relationships, and social organization, are often just as important as medical considerations in determining an individual's tendency toward health or illness. The essays describe some of the pathways through which these social influences are exerted and also offer suggestions as to how these influences can be swayed in the direction of good health. The editors' broader aim is to stress the importance of social psychological orientation as a useful conceptual tool for the analysis of health and illness.

    Contents: Part I:Health-Related Personality Traits. S.C. Kobasa, The Hardy Personality: Toward a Social Psychology of Stress and Health. C.S. Carver, C. Humphries, Social Psychology of the Type A Coronary-Prone Behavior Pattern. K.A. Wallston, B.S. Wallston, Who is Responsible for Your Health? The Construct of Health Locus of Control. Part II:Medical Information Processing. J.A. Skelton, J.W. Pennebaker, The Psychology of Physical Symptoms and Sensations. G.S. Sanders, Social Comparison and Perceptions of Health and Illness. Part III:Professional/Client Interaction. S.J. Mentzer, M.L. Snyder, The Doctor and the Patient: A Psychological Perspective. H. Leventhal, R.S. Hirschman, Social Psychology and Prevention. C. Maslach, S.E. Jackson, Burnout in Health Professions: A Social Psychological Analysis. Part IV:Environmental Influences. J. Suls, Social Support, Interpersonal Relations, and Health: Benefits and Liabilities. A. Baum, A. Wallace Deckel, R.J. Gatchel, Environmental Stress and Health: Is There a Relationship? R. Kastenbaum, Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise? Health Care Provision for the Elderly from a Psychological Perspective.


    Glenn S. Sanders, Jerry Suls