528 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    528 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    This second edition presents the core fundamentals of the subject in 11 manageable chapters while maintaining the book's scientific integrity. The research methods students need to understand, interpret, and analyze social psychological research are emphasized throughout. The streamlined approach provides an economical textbook for students and a flexible format that allows instructors to cover the entire book in a single semester. A book specific Web site contains a free online study guide and a variety of teaching tools. An Instructor's Manual/Test Bank and a Computerized Test Bank are also available.

    Contents: Understanding Social Behavior. The Social Self. Social Perception: Understanding Other People. Prejudice and Discrimination. Attitudes. Persuasion and Attitude Change. Conformity, Compliance, and Obedience. Group Processes. Close Relationships. Interpersonal Aggression. Altruism.


    Bordens, Kenneth S.; Horowitz, Irwin A.

    "The sociocultural/historical perspective is the strength of the book. I very much favor the idea of a black and white text that is less expensive for the student."
    Dr. Mary E. Kite
    Ball State University

    "They provide some interesting examples--the kinds of examples I in fact use to help students deal with the material...I find this length appealing...Surely it is a better choice than those huge, expensive books that I feel guilty about requiring...I thought the Bordens-Horowitz book was better...in length, readability, and topic coverage..."
    Vaida Thompson
    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill