18th Edition

Social Science An Introduction to the Study of Society

By David Colander, Elgin Hunt Copyright 2022
    460 Pages 252 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    460 Pages 252 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Now in its eigthteenth edition, Social Science: An Introduction to the Study of Society approaches its study from a common sense perspective, rather than a formalistic perspective more common in social science texts. Readers will see how seemingly diverse disciplines intermingle and connect to one another—anthropology and economics, for example. The goal of the book is to teach students critical thinking and problem-solving skills that will allow them to approach social issues in an objective and informed way.

    New to this edition are significant updates on:

    • Debates about the limits of democracy, and the developing Chinese political alternative.
    • Political, economic, and social implications of the Covid pandemic.
    • Assessment of the Donald Trump presidency.
    • Political, economic, and social implications of the movement from the Trump presidency to the Biden presidency.
    • Implications of the multitrillion-dollar budget deficits the US government has been running.
    • The emergence of populist movements throughout the world.
    • The Chinese political and economic challenge to the United States.
    • Recent developments in evolution theory.
    • Examples, data, recommended readings, and Internet questions.
    • Critical thinking questions.

    Part I Introduction; Chapter 1 Social Science and Its Methods; Appendix Historial Roots of Social Science; Chapter 2 Human Origins; Chapter 3 Origins of Western Society; Part II Culture and the Individual; Chapter 4 Society, Culture, and Cultural Change; Chapter 5 Geography, Demography, Ecology, and Society; Chapter 6 Technology and Society; Chapter 7 Psychology, Society, and Culture; Chapter 8 Deviance, Crime, and Society; Part III Institutions and Society; Chapter 9 The Family; Chapter 10 Religion; Chapter 11 Education; Chapter 12 Social and Economic Stratification; Chapter 13 Stratification, Minorities, and Discrimination; Part IV Politics and Society; Chapter 14 The Functions and Forms of Government; Chapter 15 Governments of the World; Chapter 16 Democratic Government in the United States; Part V Economics and Society; Chapter 17 The Organization of Economic Activities; Chapter 18 The Economy, Government, and Economic Challenges Facing the United States; Part VI Global Issues; Chapter 19 International Political Relations; Chapter 20 International Economic Relations; Chapter 21 The Political Economies of Developing Countries; Chapter 22 International Institutions and the Search for Peace


    David C. Colander received his PhD from Columbia University and was the Christian A. Johnson Distinguished Professor of Economics at Middlebury College in Middlebury, Vermont from 1982 until 2013, when he was appointed Distinguished College Professor at Middlebury. In 2001–2002, he was the Kelly Professor of Distinguished Teaching at Princeton University. He has authored, co-authored, or edited more than 40 books and 200 articles on a wide range of topics. His books have been translated into a number of different languages, including Chinese, Bulgarian, Polish, Italian, and Spanish. He has been president of both the Eastern Economic Association and History of Economic Thought Society and has been on the editorial boards of numerous journals, including the Journal of Economic Perspectives and the Journal of Economic Education.

    Elgin F. Hunt is deceased. He was one of the early authors of this book when it began in the 1930s, and took over as sole author in the 1950s. He continued revising the book until the late 1970s, when David C. Colander took over.