1st Edition

Social Science In Natural Resource Management Systems

    278 Pages
    by Routledge

    265 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book is about the conduct and contributions of applied social science. It represents the beginning of a new intellectual tradition in applied social science and its purpose is to foster an exchange among the variety of social scientists who are concerned with natural resource policy.

    About the Series -- Preface -- Overview -- Natural Resource Management Systems -- Roles of Science -- Introduction to Part II -- The Interactive Process of Applied Research: A Partnership Between Scientists and Park and Resource Managers -- Natural Resource Sociology: Forests and Marine Fisheries -- The Practice and Promise of Social Science in the U.S. Forest Service -- Integrating Social Science into Wildlife Management: Barriers and Limitations -- The Sociology of Science in Natural Resource Management Systems: Observations on Forests and Marine Fisheries in the Pacific Northwest -- Social Impact Assessment in New Zealand Resource Management -- Applications of Social Science -- Introduction to Part III -- Socioeconomic Impact Assessment, Regional Integration, Public Participation, and New National Park Planning in Canada -- Visitor Activity Planning and Management in Canadian National Parks: Marketing within A Context of Integration -- A Planning Approach to Social Carrying Capacity Research for Aravaipa Canyon Wilderness, Arizona -- Emotions in Environmental Decision Making: Rational Planning Versus the Passionate Public -- Analyses of Institutions -- Introduction to Part IV -- Off-Road Vehicle Policy and Arizona National Forests -- The Spruce Budworm Spray Controversy in Canada: Foresters' Perceptions of Power and Conflict in the Policy Process -- Forest Planning: Learning with People


    Marc L. Miller, Richard P. Gale, Perry J. Brown