7th Edition

Social Science Research A Cross Section of Journal Articles for Discussion & Evaluation

By Turner Lomand Copyright 2012
    264 Pages
    by Routledge

    264 Pages
    by Routledge

    • This new edition gives students valuable practice in reading and evaluating research. All major methods of research are illustrated, including qualitative research, content/document analysis, survey research, observational research, experimental research, and program evaluation.

    • The articles deal with contemporary topics that will hold your students’ attention.

    • The lines in each article are sequentially numbered. This allows easy reference to specific parts of the articles during classroom discussions.

    • Factual Questions at the end of each article encourage students to read for methodological and substantive points.

    • The Answer Key provides answers to the Factual Questions. The line numbers where the answers can be found are included, making the key easy to use.

    • The Questions for Discussion at the end of each article address broad issues of research design and overall research quality.

    • Ideal for homework assignments followed by classroom discussions at the next class meeting.

    Survey Research

    1. Conspiracy Beliefs About HIV/AIDS Among HIV-Positive African American Patients in Rural Alabama
    Psychological Reports

    2. Adolescent Internet Usage in Taiwan: Exploring Gender Differences

    3. A Survey of the Health, Sleep, and Development of Children Adopted From China
    Health & Social Work

    4. Bullies Move Beyond the Schoolyard: A Preliminary Look at Cyberbullying
    Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice

    5. “I Missed the Bus”: School Grade Transition, the Wilmington Truancy Center, and Reasons Youth Don’t Go to School
    Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice

    Observational Research

    6. Does Therapist Experience Influence Interruptions of Women Clients?
    Journal of Feminist Family Therapy

    7. Motivational Signage Increases Physical Activity on a College Campus
    Journal of American College Health

    8. Shopping Center Fire Zone Parking Violators: An Informal Look
    Perceptual and Motor Skills

    Correlational Research

    9. Students’ Ratings of Teaching Effectiveness: A Laughing Matter?
    Psychological Reports

    10. Relationships of Assertiveness, Depression, and Social Support Among Older Nursing Home Residents
    Behavior Modification

    11. Correlations Between Humor Styles and Loneliness
    Psychological Reportsz

    Experimental Research

    12. A Night to Remember: A Harm-Reduction Birthday Card Intervention Reduces High-Risk Drinking During 21st Birthday Celebrations
    Journal of American College Health

    13. Foot-in-the-Door Technique Using a Courtship Request: A Field Experiment
    Psychological Reports

    14. Counting Bones: Environmental Cues That Decrease Food Intake
    Perceptual and Motor Skills

    15. The Effects of Wearing a Costume on Charitable Donations
    Psychological Reports

    16. Baby Think It Over: Evaluation of an Infant Simulation Intervention for Adolescent Pregnancy PreventionHealth & Social Work

    Causal-Comparative Research

    17. Benefits to Police Officers of Having a Spouse or Partner in the Profession of Police Officer
    Psychological Reports

    18. Relationship of Personalized Jerseys and Aggression in Women’s Ice Hockey
    Perceptual and Motor Skills

    19. Significance of Gender and Age in African American Children’s Response to Parental Victimization
    Health & Social Work

    20. Age Effects in Earwitness Recall of a Novel Conversation
    Perceptual and Motor Skills

    Program Evaluation

    21. Feasibility of an Intergenerational Tai Chi Program: A Community-Based Participatory Research Project
    Journal of Intergenerational Relationships

    22. Using the Internet to Facilitate Positive Attitudes of College Students Toward Aging and Working With Older Adults
    Journal of Intergenerational Relationships

    23. Reducing Adolescent Substance Abuse and Delinquency: Pilot Research of a Family-Oriented Psychoeducation Curriculum
    Journal of Child & Adolescent Substance Abuse

    24. Evaluation of a Program Designed to Reduce Relational Aggression in Middle School Girls
    Journal of School Violence

    25. An Application of Fear Appeal Messages to Enhance the Benefits of a Jail Encounter Program for Youthful Offenders
    Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice

    Content/Document Analysis

    26. A Review of Online Social Networking Profiles By Adolescents: Implications for Future Research and Intervention

    27. Professional Human Service Occupation Biases Represented in General Psychology Textbooks
    Journal of Instructional Psychology

    Qualitative Research

    28. Perceptions and Beliefs About Body Size, Weight, and Weight Loss Among Obese African American Women: A Qualitative Inquiry
    Health Education & Behavior

    29. Newlyweds’ Unexpected Adjustments to Marriage
    Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal

    30. “More Than a Liver”: Social Work’s Contribution to the Well-Being of People Undergoing Treatment for Hepatitis C
    Journal of Social Work Practice in the Addictions

    31. Exploring Young Adults’ Perspectives on Communication With Aunts
    Journal of Social and Personal Relationships

    32. The Multiple Roles That Youth Development Program Leaders Adopt With Youth
    Youth & Society

    33. Adventure Therapy: A Supplementary Group Therapy Approach for Men
    Psychology of Men and Masculinity

    34. Help-Seeking Behaviors and Depression Among African American Adolescent Boys
    Social Work

    Combined Qualitative/Quantitative Research

    35. Evaluating the Use of Reflective Counseling Group Supervision for Military Counselors in Taiwan
    Research on Social Work Practice

    36. Prevalence and Pedagogy: Understanding Substance Abuse in Schools
    Journal of Alcohol and Drug Education

    37. Unretired and Better Than Ever: Older Adults As Foster Parents for Children
    Families in Society: The Journal of Contemporary Social Services


    38. Project D.A.R.E. Outcome Effectiveness Revisited
    American Journal of Public Health

    Appendix A: Reading Research Reports: A Brief Introduction


    Lomand, Turner