1st Edition

Social Skills of Children and Adolescents Conceptualization, Assessment, Treatment

By Kenneth W. Merrell, Gretchen Gimpel Copyright 1998
    216 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    216 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    This scholarly yet highly readable and practical text systematically covers the importance, development, assessment, and treatment of social skills of children and adolescents. Combining scientific rigor with a highly approachable and readable style of writing to create a practical and unique book, this volume provides a comprehensive overview of the increasingly important topic of child and adolescent social skills. A wide variety of tables, figures, and practical step-by-step guides enhance the material presented, making it particularly useful for practitioners while offering an extensive array of recent research and models of interest to researchers. The authors present a solid foundation of scientific knowledge written in a manner accessible to nonscientists and having ample practical implications and examples for educational and clinical practice. The book is divided into two parts--the first features a foundation for conceptualizing and assessing child and adolescent social skills, whereas the second focuses on the arena of intervention. An up-to-date and unique addition to the literature, this volume will be of interest to professionals who work with or study children across several disciplines including school and clinical child psychology, special education, counseling, and social work.

    Although many books and other professional materials on the social competence of children and adolescents are presently available, the knowledge regarding these social skills is expanding rapidly, and there is a tremendous need to keep it current. This book helps meet this need by not only synthesizing a great deal of recent work in the field, but also by providing new information and evidence that has not yet been published. It also bridges an important gap that sometimes exists between research and practice. For instance, some books on child and adolescent social skills are clearly written for the academician or researcher, and may have little apparent application for the clinician or practitioner. Other materials are written as practical assessment or intervention guides for the clinician/practitioner, yet sometimes lack supporting evidence and rationale. This book is aimed at both arenas.

    Contents: Preface. The Nature and Value of Social Skills. Developmental Issues in the Acquisition and Performance of Social Skills. Assessment of Social Skills: Best Practices and New Directions. Designing, Implementing, and Evaluating Social Skills Interventions. Social Skills Training as an Intervention for Specific Problems, Populations, and Settings. A Review of Selected Social Skills Training Programs.


    Merrell, Kenneth W.; Gimpel, Gretchen

    "This is certainly a book that appeals on all levels. The format is good, the language is jargon-free and the research is thorough and well documented. It would be equally good for a student who wanted a quick reference book on research on socail skills, or the practitioner who is thinking of embarking on a social skills programme and wants some assistance in planning and selecting material, and evaluating the outcomes for future use."
    Labor Campaign for Criminal Justice Newsletter.