1st Edition

Social Sustainability A Multilevel Approach to Social Inclusion

Edited By Veronica Dujon, Jesse Dillard, Eileen M. Brennan Copyright 2013
    332 Pages 18 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    350 Pages 18 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    How can we raise the standard of living of the world’s poor and maintain high levels of social health and well-being in the developed world, while simultaneously reducing the environmental damage wrought by human activity? The social dimension of sustainability is becoming recognized as a necessary if not sufficient condition for attaining economic and environmental sustainability. The requisite dialogue requires inclusion at multi-levels. This collection of works is an ambitious and multi-disciplinary effort to indemnify and articulate the design, implementation and implications of inclusion. Included are theoretical and empirical pieces that examine the related issues at the local, national and international levels. Contributors are grounded in Sociology, Economics, Business Administration, Public Administration, Public Health, Psychology, Anthropology, Social Work, Education, and Natural Resource Management.

    1. Introduction to Social Sustainability: A Multilevel Approach to Social Inclusion  Jesse Dillard, Veronica Dujon, and Eileen M. Brennan  Part I: The Economic Sector  2. Social Business Enterprise: A Necessary Alternative  Jesse Dillard, Mellie Pullman, Joshua Bernard, and Aaron Scarborough  3. Social Sustainability and the Oil Sands Industry: Life in the Middle of Wealth but on the Margins of Well-Being  Veronica Dujon  4. Strong Communities: Integrating Environmental, Economic, and Social Sustainability  Keith James, Adam Murry, and Desirée Pacheco  5. Regulatory Barriers to Social Sustainability: Overcoming Environmental Health Policy Pitfalls  Amy Lubitow and Jennifer H. Allen  Part II: Health and Well Being  6. Social Sustainability and the Social Determinants of Health: Understanding the Connection  Matthew J. Carlson and Margaret Everett  7. The Intersection of Disparity Reduction and Social Sustainability: Crafting a Stronger Foundation and Alliance  Bowen McBeath, Laura Nissen, Charlotte Goodluck, and Eileen M. Brennan  8. Complete Health Equity: Bringing Mental Health into the Equity Dialog  Kari Kishin Lindahl, Sonali S. Balajee, and Noelle Wiggins  9. Supports for Working Parents of Children with Disabilities: A Cross-National Comparison of Inclusive Policies  Eileen M. Brennan, Julie M. Rosenzweig, Anna M. Malsch, Lisa M. Stewart, Jean Kjellstrand, and Daniel Coleman  Part III: Community Resources and Resilience  10. Different Ways of Knowing, Shared Goals: Applied Sustainability Projects in the Nepalese Himalaya and the Great Basin  Jeremy Spoon  11. Social Sustainability in Zimbabwe: Kuenda Mberi – Our Path Forward  Kristen Magis and Jaiaen Beck  12. Youth Mentoring and the Social Dimension of Sustainability  Kevin R. Jones, Thomas E. Keller, and John Dean Ossowski  13. A Call Home: Rediscovering Ourselves Through Re-Indigenization  David E. Hall  Part IV: Integrative Pause  14. Reflections and Future Directions  Veronica Dujon, Jesse Dillard, and Eileen M. Brennan


    Veronica Dujon is associate dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and a professor in the Department of Sociology at Portland State University, where she co-teaches a seminar on Social Sustainability.

    Jesse Dillard is a professor in Accounting at Portland State University.  He also holds appointments at Queens University – Belfast, Victoria University of Wellington, and Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

    Eileen M. Brennan is a research professor of Social Work, Regional Research Institute for Human Services, School of Social Work, Portland State University.