1st Edition

Social Theory

By G.D.H. Cole Copyright 1920

    First published in 1920, Social Theory endeavours to put together the social contents of various experiences of the ordinary man, and to make them, as far as they form one, a coherent and consistent whole. Social theory is not concerned directly with all the actions of individual men, but mainly with their actions taken in concert through some temporary or permanent organized group, and with the actions of such groups as they affect and react upon the individual. It is not primarily concerned with the State but with the whole problem of human association – that is, of associative will and action. This book will be of interest to students of economics, political science and sociology.

    1. The forms of social theory 2. Some names and their meaning 3. The principle of function 4. The forms and motives of association 5. The state 6. Democracy and representation 7. Government and legislation 8. Coercion and coordination 9. The economic structure of society 10. Regionalism and local government 11. Churches 12. Liberty 13. The atrophy of institutions 14. Conclusion Index


    G. D. H. Cole