1st Edition

Social Work Health and Mental Health
Practice, Research and Programs

ISBN 9780789017130
Published October 16, 2002 by Routledge
678 Pages

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Book Description

Rise to today’s challenges with these innovative and helpful value-based solutions!

Containing important, research-based insights into social work practice in these fields, Social Work Health and Mental Health Practice, Research and Programs provides unique perspectives on shared practice problems from around the world, offering new solutions to the dilemmas practitioners face every day, such as reduced reliance in inpatient/residential service provision, increased reliance on economics in the era of managed care, the move toward multidisciplinary service provision, the growing awareness of diversity of needs, and the cultural requirements of providing effective services.

Social Work Health and Mental Health Practice, Research and Programs provides unique international perspectives on real-world social work practice issues, including:

  • ways to use your social work skills to solicit organ/tissue donation for transplants
  • how a social work directed community organization affected change in health behaviors in East Harlem, New York
  • a look at how to promote psychosocial well-being following a diagnosis of cancer
  • a survey of what mental health services Hong Kong elderly feel they need and what they now receive
  • an examination of the role of demographics and social support in clinician- and patient-related compliance among HIV/AIDS patients
  • a discussion of the appropriateness of hospice services for non-English speaking patients
  • and much more!

Table of Contents

  • Part I
  • Section 1: The Content of Practice
  • Introduction: Parts I and II
  • Globalization and Its Impact on Health and Mental Health Policy
  • Globalization and Social Policy
  • Health Care and Social Work Education in a Changing World
  • The Restructuring of Health and Mental Health Service Systems and Its Consequences
  • The Buck Stops Where? Contracting, Service Delivery and the Challenge to Provide Responsive Services
  • The Business Model and Social Work: A Conundrum for Social Work Practice
  • Social Work and Health Restructuring in Canada and Finland
  • Delivering Health Care Services in the Community: A Multidisciplinary Perspective
  • Health Problems and Long-Term Unemployment
  • Section 2: Research
  • Using Standardized Instruments in Practice Research
  • Use of Standardized Measures in Agency Based Research and Practice
  • Construction of a Global Assessment Scale of Family Function, Using a Questionnaire
  • Research Tools for Describing Health Social Work Practice and Client Characteristics
  • Development of the Workload Analysis Scale (WAS) for the Assessment and Rehabilitation Services of Ballarat Health Services
  • Discharge Planning for Complex Paediatric Cases
  • The Development of an Australian National Classification System for Social Work Practice in Health Care
  • A Classification System of Social Problems: Concepts and Influence on GPs’ Registration of Problems
  • Part II
  • Section 3: Generic Practice Issues
  • Community Care in Practice: Social Work in Primary Health Care
  • A Body-Mind-Spirit Model in Health: An Eastern Approach
  • Resilient Children: What They Tell Us About Coping with Maltreatment
  • Keeping It in the Family: Caregiving in Australian-Greek Families
  • Retooling Social Work Practice for High Volume, Short Stay
  • It’s Just Different in the Country: Postnatal Depression and Group Therapy in a Rural Setting
  • Part III
  • Section 1: Health and Medical Care
  • Introduction: Part III
  • Engaging in a Public Health Program with Populations That are the Traditional Targets of Social Work Intervention
  • Implementing a Community Intervention Program for Health Promotion
  • Resource Development to Enable the Use of Medical Treatment
  • Social Work Practice in the Donation of Human Tissue for Transplantation: Utilizing Social Work Values and Competencies to Achieve Effective Outcomes for Transplant Patients and Donor Families
  • Supporting the Patient in Coping with Problems
  • A Follow-Up Study of Women with Cancer: Their Psychosocial Well-Being and Close Relationships
  • Evaluating an Activity Intervention with Hemodialysis Patients in Israel
  • Social Support, Medication Compliance and HIV/AIDS
  • Addressing the Issue of Long-Term Care
  • The Mental Health Status and Long Term Care Needs of the Chinese Elderly in Hong Kong
  • Section 2: Multicultural Practice
  • Immigration
  • Stage-Specific and Culture-Specific Coping Strategies Used by Mainland Chinese Immigrants During Resettlement in Hong Kong: A Qualitative Analysis
  • Impact of Immigration on Health and Human Services: Florida’s Experience
  • Language
  • Cross Cultural Research in Palliative Care
  • Section 3: Mental Health
  • The Workings of the System and System Change
  • Mental Health System Reform: A Multi Country Comparison
  • Evaluating System Fit with Need
  • Mental Health Service Utilization Among the Arabs in Israel
  • Involuntary Return to a Psychiatric Emergency Service Within Twelve Months
  • Conjoint Multi-Disciplinary Assessment in a Community Mental Health Team: The Impact on the Social Work Role
  • The Changing Role of the Social Worker in the Mental Health System
  • Index
  • Reference Notes Included

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