1st Edition

Social Work and Global Mental Health Research and Practice Perspectives

Edited By Serge Dumont, Myreille St-Onge Copyright 2009

    This book presents respected experts, researchers, and clinicians providing the latest developments in social work knowledge and research. It discusses the latest in mental health research, information on violence, trauma and resilience, and social policies. Different mental health and social work approaches from around the world are examined in detail, including holistic, ethnopsychiatric, and interventions that place emphasis on recovery, empowerment, and social inclusion. This superb selection of presentations—taken from the 4th International Conference on Social Work in Health and Mental Health held in Quebec, Canada in 2004—comprehensively examines the theme of how social work can contribute to the development of a world that values compassion and solidarity.

    The volume offers a unique opportunity for practitioners, researchers, and others in the field to explore respected experts’ experiences and research which can spark further development of knowledge that can ultimately enrich humanity as a whole. This timely resource springs from the emerging tradition of the sharing of knowledge, an idea now deeply rooted in the international community of social workers in the areas of health and mental health. This volume is extensively referenced and includes figures and tables to clearly detail information.

    This book is enlightening reading for practitioners, administrators, educators, researchers, and students of social work.

    This book was published as a special issue of Social Work in Mental Health.


    1. Social Work and the Development of a More Compassionate World: Experiences and Knowledge to Share  Myreille St-Onge and Serge Dumont


    2. Mental Health Services Research and its Impact on Social Work Practice with Adults with Severe Mental Illness  Phyllis Solomon

    3. The Challenges of Implementing an Evidence-Based Practice to Meet Consumer and Family Needs in a Managed Behavioural Health Care Environment  Mary C. Ruffolo, Sue Ann Savas, David Neal, Jeff Capobianco, and Kathy Reynolds

    4. Needed: Critical Thinking About Psychiatric Medications  David Cohen

    5. Beyond Survivorship: Achieving a Harmonious Equilibrium Using a Chinese Medicine Framework in Health and Mental Health  S. M. Ng, Cecilia Chan, Pamela P.Y. Leung, Celia H.Y. Chan, and Josephine K.Y. Yau

    6. A Critical Approach to Pedagogy in Mental Health  Marty Dewees and Lisa K. Lax

    7. Ethnopsychiatric Approach to Immigration and Mental Health  Marie-Rosaire Kalanga Wa Tshisekedi

    8. Aging and Mental Health  Neena L. Chappell

    9. Representations of Elderly with Mental Health Problems Held by Psychosocial Practitioners from Community and Institutional Settings  Bernadette Dallaire, Michael McCubbin, Normand Carpentier, and Michele Clément

    10. Intensive Youth Outreach in Mental Health—An Integrated Framework for Understand and Intervention  Victoria Ryall, Alessandra Radovini, Leanne Crothers, Carsten Schley, Karen Fletcher, Simon Nudds, and Cate Groufsky

    11. The Young Schema Questionnaire in Group Therapy: A Client-Focused Approach  Kathy Fitzsimmons, Sheila Gallagher, Sandra Blayone, Debbie Chan, Wendy Leaitch, Nancy Veals, and Nancy Wilkinson


    12. Responding to the Individual Trauma of Domestic Violence: Challenges for Mental Health Professionals  Catherine Humphreys

    13. Violence in the Lives of Lesbian Women: Implications for Mental Health  Batya Hyman

    14. Reclaiming Stolen Identities: Resilience and Social Justice in Mid-Life  Carol Irizarry

    15. Psychiatry, Testimony and Shoah: Reconstructing the Narratives of the Muted  Baruch Greenwald, Oshrit Ben-Ari, Rael D. Strous, and Dori Lau


    16. Evidence-Based Policy and Social Work in Health and Mental Health  Edward J. Mullen

    17. Policy Barriers to the Employment of People Experiencing Psychiatric Disabilities  Janki Shankar


    Serge Dumont and Myreille St-Onge are affiliated with the School of Social Work, Laval University, Quebec, Canada.