1st Edition

Social Work and the Law
Proceedings of the National Organization of Forensic Social Work, 2000

ISBN 9780789015488
Published June 7, 2002 by Routledge
140 Pages

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Book Description

Examine cutting-edge research on the social worker’s role in the legal system!

Social Work and the Law: Proceedings of the National Organization of Forensic Social Work, 2000 addresses the issues and concerns facing social workers who deal with law and the legal system. This comprehensive research collection is essential for providing diagnosis, treatment, and recommendations on legal issues and litigation, both criminal and civil. The findings are invaluable for social workers called upon for consultation, education, and training insights when dealing with legal personnel.

As the relatively new field of forensic social work grows, the issues related to its expansion become more complex. Social Work and the Law presents thoughtful commentary on those issues, taken from cutting-edge research findings on the links between animal, child, and domestic abuse; the psychology of stalkers (and their targets); empowering the drug courts; determining competency to stand trial; and much more! Vital for social work practitioners, the book is also an important resource for medical, legal, and criminal justice professionals, educators, and counselors.

Social Work and the Law is a valuable guide for anyone dealing with:

  • the assessment and treatment of criminal and juvenile justice populations
  • the civil rights of the mentally ill and mentally impaired
  • the social work aspects of marriage, divorce, and annulment
  • the termination of parental rights
  • and much more!
More and more, social workers will need legal knowledge as they advocate for clients who have legal problems and/or are involved in the judicial system. Social Work and the Law provides essential information on dealing with issues confronted by the civil and criminal justice systems.

Table of Contents

  • About the Editors
  • Contributors
  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Chapter 1. Curricula Development in Forensic Social Work at the MSW and Post-MSW Levels
  • A National Survey of Schools of Social Work
  • Curriculum Development at the MSW Level
  • Curriculum Development at the Post-MSW Level
  • Chapter 2. Competence to Stand Trial An Eleven-Year Case Study
  • Competence in Connecticut
  • State of Connecticut v. Kenneth Curtis
  • Conclusion
  • Chapter 3. Stalking: The Current Science
  • Definition
  • Prevalence
  • Demographic Characteristics of Stalkers
  • Psychiatric Characteristic of Stalkers
  • Victim-Offender Relationship
  • Stalking Typologies
  • Patterns of Pursuit
  • Violence: Threats and Incidence
  • Victim Characteristics
  • Risk Management Strategies
  • Chapter 4. Links Among Animal Abuse, Child Abuse, and Domestic Violence
  • Animal Abuse
  • Child Abuse
  • Domestic Violence
  • A Call to Connect
  • Appendix: Boat Inventory on Animal-Related Experiences
  • Chapter 5. Empowering Drug Courts Through Evaluation: Serving As Change Agents to Help Others Help Themselves
  • Development and Operation of the Drug Court Team
  • The Next Step: Evaluation
  • Chapter 6. Is Social Work Y2K Compliant? Adapting to the Mandates of Future Practice
  • Introduction
  • Evolution to the Future: The Context and Dimensions of Social Work Practice
  • Mandates As “Bad Things”
  • On Future Readiness and Implications for Social Work Practice and Education
  • Chapter 7. Life or Death? Using Multidisciplinary Life History Research in Forensic Social Work
  • Life History Research: An Overview
  • Traditional Roles in Social Work and Psychology
  • Demonstration of Multidisciplinary Work Through Two Life Histories
  • Implications for Practice
  • Chapter 8. Psychological Testing for Social Worker in a Forensic Setting
  • Introduction
  • Who Are We?
  • What Does Testing Have to Do With It?
  • Commonly Used Tests
  • The Five Commandments of Psychological Testing
  • Conclusion
  • Appendix A. Bylaws of the National Organization of Forensic Social Work
  • Appendix B. National Organization of Forensic Social Work Code of Ethics
  • Index
  • Reference Notes Included

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