1st Edition

Social and Emotional Curriculum for Gifted Students Grade 3, Project-Based Learning Lessons That Build Critical Thinking, Emotional Intelligence, and Social Skills

By Mark Hess Copyright 2021
    168 Pages
    by Prufrock Press

    The Social and Emotional Curriculum for Gifted Students series provides the gifted resource specialist, regular classroom teacher, or counselor with the tools they need to help gifted students in grades 3-5 develop interpersonal skills, reflect on their often intense emotions, and express their creativity. The grade 3 book:

    • Contains five units and more than 50 hours of instruction.
    • Shares helpful directions for implementing lessons and connecting content across the curriculum.
    • Addresses psychosocial skills.
    • Features critical thinking activities, hands-on building and design, reading, writing, creativity, and math and science connections.
    • Covers relevant topics, including resilience, growth mindset, perfectionism, empathy, self-understanding and identity, friendship, and what it means to be gifted.

    Each classroom-tested lesson addresses one or more affective standards from the National Association for Gifted Children, psychosocial development areas for gifted learners, and academic standards.

    Introduction UNIT 1: A Precious Gift: Introduction to Social-Emotional Learning Lesson 1.1: What Is a Gifted Learner? Lesson 1.2: Role-Playing Conversations About Giftedness Lesson 1.3: The Precious Gift Metaphor Lesson 1.4: Reflecting and Sharing a Precious Gift UNIT 2: My Flag: Self-Understanding and Individuality Lesson 2.1: Colors and Their Emotional Effects Lesson 2.2: Creating Student Flags Lesson 2.3: Presenting Student Flags UNIT 3: Bouncing Back: Growth Mindset Lesson 3.1: How Can Something Be More Than Itself? Lesson 3.2: Visualizing Resilience Lesson 3.3: Bouncing Back Lesson 3.4: The Class Data Challenge Lesson 3.5: Empowering Words of Encouragement Lesson 3.6: Action and Reaction Extension UNIT 4: Suitcases and Circles of Hope: Identity Lesson 4.1: Primary Source Photo Analysis Lesson 4.2: What Items Will You Take? Lesson 4.3: Building Suitcases and Crafting Items Lesson 4.4: Circle Metaphors Lesson 4.5: Circles of Hope Lesson 4.6: Gallery Walk Lesson 4.7: Feature Profile Test Extension UNIT 5: What Comes From the Heart: Empathy and Compassion Lesson 5.1: Qualities and Expression Lesson 5.2: Defining Emotions and Qualities Lesson 5.3: Creating a Metaphor for Emotions Lesson 5.4: Constructing the Metaphor Conclusion: Dear Gifted Learner References About the Author


    Mark Hess is a SENG board member and the editor of the SENG Library. He is President-Elect of the Colorado Association for Gifted Students and serves as the Gifted Programs Specialist in a large, urban school district in Colorado Springs. Mark also serves as an advisory committee member for NAGC’s Teaching for High Potential. As Portable Gifted and Talented, Mark has shared over 24,000 free resources for teachers and parents of gifted children. You can visit his website at www.giftedlearners.org.