1st Edition

Social and Personality Development

By Tina Abbott Copyright 2001

    Social and Personality Development looks at the processes by which we come to be who we are. It covers a range of topics central to personality and developmental psychology. The book is arranged in three sections, the first covering the main theories of personality, the second describing the development of gender and the third focusing on adolescence. It is suitable for the AQA-A A2 Level examination, but will also be of interest to those studying education, nursing and other related disciplines.

    Introduction. Personality Development. Two Approaches to the Study of Personality. Trait and Type Theories. Psychoanalytic Theory. Social Learning Theories. Gender Development. Social and Biological Approaches to Gender Identity. Cognitive Development Theories. An Alternative View of Gender Identity. Adolescence. Concept of Adolescence. Theories of Adolescence. Other Influences on Development. Study Aids.


    Tina Abbott is an experienced A Level teacher and examiner and is an executive member of the Association for the Teaching of Psychology.

    ' ... Tina Abbott encourages students to consider some of the questions that have plagued psychologists for decades, most notably, "how do we get to be like we are?" The book includes incisive chapter summaries that not only remind students what has been covered, but also demonstrate how the sometimes disparate topics in this area can be linked together.' - Roz Brody, Head of Psychology, Brighton, Hove and Sussex Sixth Form College.