1st Edition

Social and Solidarity Economy The World’s Economy with a Social Face

    384 Pages
    by Routledge

    384 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book aims to provide the reader with an insight into the relevance of a section of the economy, which is often referred to as the ‘social and solidarity economy’ (SSE); and highlight some of the current issues in the field, how they are being addressed and some of their future implications. Using case studies from around the world, this book ‘Social and Solidarity Economy: The World’s Economy With a Social Face’ provides an up-to-date account of the strengths and weaknesses of these initiatives across four continents including issues that have not been researched sufficiently before (e.g. circular economy, social propaganda and its dangers, social enterprise as a panacea for NGOs in developing countries, and ‘new’ social movements).

    There is growing interest in SSE initiatives among policymakers, foundations, researchers and academic institutions around the world. Despite this interest, SSE related research remains scarce. There are concerned that SSE initiatives, which contribute significantly to their local communities’ development, need to be more widely disseminated amongst the general public. The Social and Solidarity Economy: The World’s Economy With a Social Face will help promote the ground-breaking work being done by organisations and individuals but which remain undocumented and help to raise awareness of such initiatives as well as contribute to academia with a critical approach to the sector covering issues that have not been covered much before, such as the circular economy and the dangers of social propaganda.

    Aimed at researchers, academics and policy makers in the fields of Social Enterprise, CSR, Tourism, International Economics as well as supporting disciplines ‘Social and Solidarity Economy: The World’s Economy With a Social Face’ looks to establish and help define the field.


    1. Introduction: Unravelling the Global Terms of the Social and Solidarity Economy

    2. A Video Based Case Study Research Methodology for Studying the Social and Solidarity Economy

    3. A Decolonial Approach to Understand the Social and Solidarity Economy in the Andean Region

    4. Complementary Currencies in Europe: The Cases of United Kingdom and Spain

    5. Social and Solidarity Economy and the Environment:
    Exploring the Contribution of the ‘Cinderella’ Economy to Waste Reduction

    6. Breaking the Paradigm of Vulnerability: Diversity and Inclusion Within the SSE

    7. Alternative Tourism and the Social and Solidarity Economy: Exploring Social and Solidarity Tourism Initiatives in the Global South

    8. Global Citizenship and the Evolution of Social Movements Working Under the Social and Solidarity Economy Umbrella

    9. Social and Solidarity Economy in Post-Conflict Sub-Saharan Africa: Changing Attitudes and Approaches to Development

    10. The New Spirit of Capitalism: Cultural Capitalism’s Syntoms and the Role of the SSE in the Advent of a New System


    Sara Calvo is the co-founder and director of a social enterprise organisation, Living in Minca and Minca Ventures and a Senior Lecturer in Organizational Behaviour and the Social Enterprise Coordinator at the Enterprise Development Hub at Middlesex University Business School, London, UK.


    Andres Morales is co-founder of Living in Minca and a PhD candidate at The Open University in the UK.


    Yanni Zikidis is a filmmaker/editor with a MA in Post-Production Editing from Bournemouth University, UK.