1st Edition

Socialism National or International Routledge Library Editions: Political Science Volume 48

By Harold Acton Copyright 1942

    Dr. Borkenau discusses the ideals of international socialism in the light of the realities of a world of strife and struggle. He maintains that socialist internationalism of the old type has little relation to the problems of the present. The world has become much more nationalist, and the labour movements of all countries have had to give in to the forces of nationalism. He is sceptical of the revival of liberal-democratic internationalism in the League, and the attempt to revive the League in the shape of a Federal Union. He believes however, that powerful forces are working in the direction of the growth of supernational units, and points to symptoms of an impending sudden collapse of nationalism which would enable Labour to put itself at the head of an Anglo-American peace similar to the Roman piece which for centuries gave quiet and prosperity to the world.

    1. The Problem  2. Trade-Union Internationalism and International Migrations  3. Internationalism and Utopian Socialism  4. The Nation-State and Social Legislation  5. Labour and Protective Tariffs  6. Imperialism  7. Socialist Internationalism Before 1914  8. The Four Years’War, the Comintern and Soviet Russia  9. Labour and the League of Nations  10. A New Internationalism


    Franz Borkenau