1st Edition

Sociative Logics and Their Applications Essays by the Late Richard Sylvan

By Dominic Hyde, Graham Priest Copyright 2000
    440 Pages
    by Routledge

    This title was first published in 2003. Richard Sylvan died in 1996, he had made contributions to many areas of philosophy, such as, relevant and paraconsistent logic, Meinongianism and metaphysics and environmental ethics. One of his "trademarks" was the taking up of unpopular views and defending them. To Richard Sylvan ideas were important, wether they were his or not. This is a book of ideas, based on a collection of work found after his death, a chance for readers to see his vision of his projects. This collected works represents material drafted between 1982 and 1996, and the theme is that a small band of logics, namely pararelevant logics, offer solutions to many problems, puzzles and paradoxes in the philosophy of science.

    Acknowledgments, 1. Editors’ Introduction, 2. Introductory Fragments, Part I. Orientation, 3. Orientational Fragments, 4. An Orientational Survey of Sociative Logics, 5. A Preliminary Western History of Sociative Logics, Part II. Reasoning and Computation, 6. On Reasoning, 7. Relevant Containment Logics and Certain Frame Problems of AI, 8. Computability is Logic-Relative, 9. Part II Fragments, Part III. Philosophy of Science, Probability and Non-Deductive Logic, 10. Confirmation Without Paradoxes, 11. Conditional Probability as the Probability of a Conditional, 12. Cause as an Implication, 13. Part III Fragments, Part IV. Metaphysics and Epistemology, 14. Freedom Without Determinism, 15. Knowledge as Justified True Belief, 16. Ubiquitous Vagueness Without Embarrassment, 17. Part IV Fragments, Bibliography, Index


    Domininc Hyde, Graham Priest