1st Edition

Society in America

Edited By Harriet Martineau Copyright 1981
    358 Pages
    by Routledge

    357 Pages
    by Routledge

    Harriet Martineau brought to her observations the convictions of a vehement English liberal and an astonishingly modern sociological approach. In 1834 she wrote the first draft of How to Observe Manners and Morals--perhaps the earliest book on the methodology of social research. In abridging the 800-page original for the modern reader, Lipset has concentrated on Martineau's brilliant discussion of religious practices, social status, and childrearing; political apathy and the position of women, blacks, and immigrants; and the American's casual approach to indebtedness and his speculative wealth-or-ruin schemes.

    Introduction; I: Politics; II: Parties; III: Apparatus of Government; IV: Morals of Politics; V: Economy; VI: Agriculture; VII: Morals of Economy; VIII: Civilisation; IX: Idea of Honour; Women; XI: Children; XII: Sufferers; XIII: Utterance; XIV: Religion; XV: Spirit of Religion; XVI: Administration of Religion; XVII: Conclusion


    Harriet Martineau